AfroIntro – African Singles Dating Site

Here’s a look at AfroIntro. AfroIntro is an African themed dating site. It’s run by our old friends Cupid Media, who run quite a number of the most popular Asian dating sites. This includes Chinese Love Links, Japan Cupid and Filipino Cupid.

Note that the official name for the site is AfroIntroductions. But you’ll find plenty of people call it AfroIntroduction or AfroIntro. Just make sure you visit the right site and not a fake site using a similar sounding name. The official site is here.

Why Use African Dating?

If you’re a man looking for an exotic wife then Africa is another place worth a look. Of course Asian and African women don’t look at all similar. However, both Asian and African women have very hot bodies and your chances of finding a sexy wife from either continent are very good indeed.

I think I need to find a wife from Africa...
I think I need to find a wife from Africa...

African American men are also waking up to the fact that African American women can often be a nightmare, so seeking an African mail order bride can often be a great way to avoid American women and all their various issues (something that crops up a lot in the Happier Abroad forums).

So whether you want an exotic wife or a wife who could be better than one you could find in your own country, then AfroIntro is going to be worth a look.

AfroIntro offers completely free membership if all you want to do is browse the profiles and dream of your new life with a new partner. However, if you want to contact the other members, then you need to take out a subscription.

AfroIntro’s membership fees are quite reasonable, and there’s a decent discount if you sign up for a full year. I joined the site’s Chinese dating equivalent, and in a year I met around 10 women from the site in real life. So that was a year’s membership well spent!

Problems With AfroIntro

Unfortunately you don’t usually spend much time on dating sites these day without encountering a scammer or two. What’s more, these scammers are frequently from African countries like Nigeria, Senegal or Ghana. So African dating can sometimes be a little like sticking your head into a nest of vipers.

I mean, seriously? Why would you want to date African men or women when there are so many scammers around?

Here’s my story of what happened to a Chinese friend of mine when she signed up to the Chinese Love Links dating site in search of a husband. And I got emailed by a scammer using a stolen photo of a Chinese model. I never bothered replying to them but I would guess that there might have been an African scammer behind this profile.

So I think all the scare stories about African romance scammers would make me pretty reluctant to use AfroIntro. The site is run by the same people behind Chinese Love Links, so I guess their security systems are much the same.

Alternatives to AfroIntro

Cupid Media run another African dating site – South African Cupid. This site is pretty popular with South African residents. It’s also popular with the many South African expats working in the Americas, Europe or Asia who want to find partners from their own country to hookup with.  A few other South African Dating sites are available, but the Cupid site is around the best of the bunch.

There are loads of other African dating sites. Afroromance is argubly the best alternative to AfroIntro. So check that one out if you want to find an African partner.

Is AfroIntro worth using or is it overrun with scammers? Leave your comments below.

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