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Asian Euro is one of the largest Asian dating websites. The site is now more commonly known as Here’s an overview of the Asian Euro dating site, and whether it’s a good place to contact Asian mail order brides.

Why Choose Asian Euro Dating?

Asian Euro is a dating site that’s worth a look if you’re interested in a relationship with an Asian lady. There are ladies from a wide range of countries on this site. Most of the ladies are from the Philippines, with smaller numbers of Thai and Chinese ladies. There are also a few ladies from other countries including Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Asian Euro might also be a good site to try if you’re interested in finding an Asian mail order husband. Unlike many other Asian dating sites, this site isn’t aimed specifically at men seeking Asian mail order brides. However, if you are a Western woman seeking an Asian husband then you’re probably better off looking for professional men on Cupid Media’s other sites such as Singapore Love Links, Hong Kong Cupid and Japan Cupid. Western women are rare in Asia, so aim your sights high ladies!

There are plenty of Chinese girls on Asian Euro
There are plenty of Chinese girls on Asian Euro

One good thing about Asian Euro is that it’s a flat rate membership site. Once you pay for a monthly or annual subscription then you can contact as many ladies as you like. This makes it much cheaper than sites that charge you for a lady’s contact details (e.g. LoveMe). It’s also probably going to be vastly cheaper than letter writing sites like Asian Beauties and Chnlove, especially if you’re serious about meeting an Asian lady and send a lot of letters on these types of site.

Incidentally, although Asian Euro is billed as a contact site where you can meet friends and penpals, most of the women on the site will be marriage minded.

My Asian Dating Review

First up I’ll put my hand up and say that I’m only a standard member of Asian Euro. I am mostly interested in dating Japanese and Chinese women, and if you’re interested in either country, it’s far better to be a Gold member of Japan Cupid or Chinese Love Links respectively.

Having said that, all of the Cupid Media sites are pretty much identical in terms of features. In fact the only major difference I’ve seen between Asian Euro and Chinese Love Links is that on Asian Euro you can search for ladies by their vital measurements.

I’ve had a good look around Asian Euro, and here are my thoughts on this Asian dating site.

First of all I like the design and functionality of the Cupid dating sites. Asian Euro is pretty user friendly. The search engine is excellent and you can search for ladies down to city level. The data quality also seems good and members’ details seem to be a lot more accurate than you see on other sites.

The site isn’t without problems though. Members can only upload a few photos of themselves, and the photos are quite small. Take a look on Asian Kisses and you can see ladies who have uploaded dozens of photos of themselves (especially the ladyboys!). With long distance relationships photos are important, so it would be nice if they would allow you to upload a few more photos.

Some of the profiles on AsiaEuro are also quite old, and it’s annoying to see a lady you like the look of, only to see she hasn’t logged into the site in 3 months. It’s not just me saying this – this is a criticism of the Cupid dating sites that I’ve heard a lot from other people as well.

Scammers are a problem on Asian dating sites. It would be nice of Cupid Media to make ID checks mandatory – most Asian ladies have government ID cards and Western men seeking Asian brides usually have passports. As far as scammers go, I’d say the best thing is to spend time on Asian dating sites and get to know the different types of lady on the site. After a couple of months you’ll soon get to spot the scammers as soon as they email you. I haven’t found the possible scammers particularly hard to spot.

One thing I find especially irritating about the Cupid Media sites is that you have to sign up and pay for each site individually. I’m not really sure who would use Asia Euro. If you’re interested in Chinese ladies then there is a much better selection of Chinese singles on Chinese Love Links.

Asian Euro is a great place to chat to lovely Asian girls online
Asian Euro is a great place to chat to lovely Asian girls online

The majority of girls on Asian Euro are Filipinas. But if you want to contact these then you have a wealth of other dating sites to choose from. There’s Cherry Blossoms dating, which has seemingly millions of Filipinas on it (and this site is amongst the lowest cost Asian dating membership sites). There’s Filipino Cupid, which looks pretty much identical to Asian Euro. And of course there’s Date In Asia, which is totally free to use, and can be a good place to find Filipinas (if you’re willing to put up with the bare bones search facility).

So Asian Euro is worth a look. It’s probably a good site to sign up to if you’re new to Asian dating and you’re not sure which country you want to find an Asian wife from. But once you have some sort of plan in place it’s probably better to sign up for Chinese Love Links, Thai Love Links or Filipino Cupid, as these sites all have a much wider choice of ladies on them.

Have you had any good experiences with AsianEuro dating? Or did it all go bad? Leave any comments you have below.

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