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If you’re looking for an Asian mail order bride then one of the major online matchmaking services worth visiting is The site is managed by Australia based Cupid Media, who run a wide range of other international and interracial niche dating sites. The site was formerly known as Asian Euro.

The biggest advantage of is that it has female members from a wide range of countries on it. There is a large membership base, so you’ll have no end of Asian singles to browse through. So if you’re not entirely sure which country you want to find an Asian wife from then this could be the Asian dating website for you.

Beautiful Asian women are numerous on the dating siteMost of the ladies on are from the main countries where men can find Asian mail order brides, which are China, Thailand and the Philippines. If you’re interested in Chinese dating, Thai dating or Filipina dating then you’ll find plenty of women on this site. The site is also useful for Malaysian dating, Vietnamese dating, and dating girls from the other smaller Asian countries. Although ladies can say they’re just interested in being friends, this is first and foremost a dating site, and most of the women will be looking for husbands.

The AsianDating ladies are from a wide range of backgrounds. The good thing about the site (and the other Cupid Media sites) is that they attract plenty of single professional Asian ladies. Many of the members are far from what you would consider to be mail order brides, and there are plenty of successful and beautiful women on the site. In my experience of Asian ladies dating, I’ve met some really fabulous ladies from the Cupid dating sites. All have spoken English, and all of them had gone to University.

AsianDating has a free standard membership plan. Unlike other sites this plan isn’t time limited and you don’t feel pressurized into taking out a dating site subscription that you might not even use.

If you’re certain you want to chat to the ladies on the site then it’s essential to take out a full subscription. There’s a choice of either Gold or Platinum membership plans, and if you can afford the extra few dollars then go for the Platinum membership plan. Finding an Asian wife will often take you a lot longer than you think, so go for the discounted annual subscription and you’ll get a big discount over the pay monthly plan.

The advantage of being a premium member is that you get your own profile listed in search results before the free members. More importantly, you can contact any of the other members on the site. Trust me, women are not impressed if you cannot show you can afford a dating site membership, so if you’re serious about finding a wife online then it’s essential to pay for membership of a dating site.

Meeting Asian Ladies on AsianDating

There are plenty of different ways of meeting Asian ladies on this site. is a great place to chat to lovely Asian girls onlineWhen you log in you see a list of possible matches at the bottom of the screen. Update My Matches and you’ll be able to control the types of lady who appear here. It’s usually best to specify an age range, country or countries of origin and level of English spoken. Also set other options such as whether you want a smoker or non-smoker, and whether she should want children.

There is an instant messaging feature of the site. However, if you set your online presence to visible you can get a lot of chat requests from unsuitable women, so I tend to hide my online status.

The best way of contacting Asian ladies on the site I’ve found is to send them a quick email. It’s nice to personalize this somewhat – a good tip here is to mention something in their profile. Scams

One thing worth bearing in mind is that the majority of women on AsianDating join as free members. Scammers and other undesirables like sites that allow free accounts to be opened, as scammers can sign up without any cost to themselves. Read the article about internet dating scams before you get too involved with ladies on Asian matchmaking sites.

Alternatives to

There are plenty of alternatives to!

Online dating makes it easier than ever before to meet Asian beautiesIf you want to find an Asian bride from a particular country then you’ll probably be better off on one of Cupid Media’s country specific dating sites. Try Chinese Love Links (now China Love Cupid), Thai Love Links (now Thai Cupid) or Filipino Cupid for Chinese, Thai or Filipino ladies respectively. There’s also Japan Cupid for Japanese dating, and the Singapore Love Links and Hong Kong Cupid sites for those territories. The good thing about these sites is that you won’t be bothered so much by women from a country you’re not even interested in. This is always a problem on general Asian dating sites, and on Date In Asia I always get pestered by Filipinas, whereas I’m only interested in dating Chinese women.

Just remember though that you need to pay for Gold or Platinum membership of each Cupid Media site separately, so if you’re not 100% sure you want to find a bride from a particular country then it can get a bit expensive paying for all those different sites.

I’m not sure what the difference between Gold and Platinum memberships is on the Cupid sites now. I recently paid for Platinum membership of China Love Cupid, and it seemed to be the same price as Gold membership.

Another dating site that has a good selection of ladies from a range of Asian countries is Cherry Blossoms dating. This site has been around a long time, and has some of the lowest membership fees around. On the downside, the site’s matchmaking and search engine facilities are a lot more basic than AsianDating.

The Asian Kisses site is also worth a look for Asian ladies dating, although it doesn’t have as many members as Asian Dating. If you’re interested in the more exotic aspects of the Asian dating scene then there’s also Ladyboy Kisses and MyLadyboyDate. Ladyboy dating has really taken off, which MyLadyboyDate acquiring over 13,000 transsexual members in just four years.

Date In Asia was about the best totally free Asian dating site there is. There are a wide selection of ladies here. Unfortunately, not all are marriage minded or even serious about a long term relationship. The search engine also sucks, but if you’re prepared to do some serious searching then you could find many nice Asian ladies on this site.

I’ll also bring up the fact that Date In Asia’s moderators really suck. They’ve banned a few of my friends for no reason at all. And they deleted my account for no reason either, maybe they just wanted to save database space. It’s annoying because I tried to re-register but I couldn’t get past the phone registration screen for some reason.

One other site that’s got quite popular is Thai Friendly. This is a freemium dating site. It’s totally free to use. Howcver, if you’re serious about finding a wife here then you’ll really need to upgrade. Then it gets quite expensive as it’s actually not much cheaper than Asian Dating or Thai Cupid. Thai Friendly is really popular these days but I prefer’s sister site Thai Cupid. When I was living in Thailand I managed to schedule plenty of dates with ladies I met on Thai Cupid. So it was a real winner. By contrast Thai Friendly was just really frustrating to do when you’re just a free member and you’re a man. I found my profile wasn’t ranked that highly so I had to make more of an effort to contact ladies. And when I found somebody I liked then I could only send a certain number of messages each hour or something. This is a nuisance because dating is really just a numbers game, and if you want a lot of dates, you gotta send a lot of interests.

So if you’re interested in finding an Asian mail order bride then is an essential visit. Sign up for free membership and take a look at what could be missing in your life.

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