My Cherry Blossoms Dating Experiences

Cherry Blossoms is a popular Asian dating website. The site is one of the longest established international dating sites, having been started by a company that started out as a traditional mail order bride catalog company.

My Cherry Blossoms Dating Experiences: Japanese Brides

Like many men, when I started looking for an Asian bride I wasn’t entirely sure what country I wanted to find an Asian bride from. I didn’t even know how easy it would be to find one.

So I started with looking for a Japanese girlfriend. I’d been to Japan on vacation, I knew the ladies were very lovely, so it seemed a good place to start.

A friend had mentioned something about finding his Chinese girlfriend on the Cherry Blossoms dating site, so that’s where I looked first. I’d also heard of a few marriage success stories that had arisen because of this site.

Many men like the idea of finding a Japanese wife
Many men like the idea of finding a Japanese wife

So I signed up for a free membership plan, and had a look for Japanese ladies on the site. Sadly I didn’t find any. Actually, that’s not quite true. There were a few Japanese ladies on the site. But on closer examination they turned out to be Filipina ladies. While there are Filipinas living and working in Japan, I’m more inclined to think that the ladies on the Cherry Blossoms site had either picked their wrong nationality, or were pretending to be Japanese ladies in order to stand out from the numerous other Filipina girls on the site.

So while Cherry Blossoms is an international dating site, it’s aimed mainly at the traditional mail order bride countries of Thailand and the Philippines, plus China.

My Cherry Blossoms Dating Experiences: Chinese Brides

Despite looking on Cherry Blossoms for a Japanese bride I didn’t find any Japanese ladies on this site. I tried Japan Cupid but none of the ladies I talked to on that site seemed overly enthusiastic about finding a Western husband. So I wondered if China would be a better choice?

Chinese ladies are increasingly common on dating sites like Cherry Blossoms
Chinese ladies are increasingly common on dating sites like Cherry Blossoms

There are a huge number of Chinese ladies on Cherry Blossoms. While many speak English, the majority do not. So it’s quite hard to find a Chinese lady on this site, as the English speaking ladies can often set their sights much higher since so many more men want to chat to them. While there are Chinese sites that offer a translator facility (such as Chnlove), these sites can be really expensive.

There are some very nice Chinese ladies on Cherry Blossoms, but also many that you would not want to marry in a million years. The problem is with Chinese dating that sorting the good from the bad is very tough, especially if the lady doesn’t understand that much English.

I was impressed with the quality of the Chinese ladies on the site. There are some very beautiful ladies, and many have excellent educations to degree level. What worries me is that there’s no particular shortage of men in China, so why do so many Chinese ladies want to become mail order brides and move to another country? My advice is to find a lady who would genuinely find it hard to find a Chinese husband, so wants to look overseas. Think slightly overweight ladies, divorced ladies, ladies with small children whose husbands have walked away, very intelligent ladies (alpha females), Christian ladies, and ladies who Chinese men don’t think are beautiful, but we Western men will worship.

My Cherry Blossoms Dating Experiences: Filipinas

I did briefly toy with the idea of finding a Filipina girlfriend. I was very impressed with how much fun Filipinas are to chat to. The downside is that there are so many Filipinas on Cherry Blossoms, how on earth do you narrow down the field from thousands to just one?

By the way, there are also ladies from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other Asian countries on Cherry Blossoms. Don’t discount these ladies, although you generally have to be interested in the culture of these countries in order to want to find a mail order bride from them. I’d say that Indonesian ladies are overlooked, although plenty of Australian men know that Indonesian girls make beautiful and exotic oriental brides. Wow, I haven’t even mentioned Thai girls either!

Cherry Blossoms: Dating Experiences of the Ladies

Knowing what ladies think of Asian dating sites is really important for us guys.

I’ve talked to a lot of Asian ladies who have used online dating sites. Asian ladies tend to love technology, and ever increasing numbers of them are taking to the internet in search of high quality husbands.

The Cherry Blossom dating site isn’t really the most popular site with Asian ladies. One big drawback is that the site isn’t available in their languages (i.e. Chinese or Thai). So they can have real trouble using the site in English alone, especially because website translator tools like Google’s don’t always work in Asia.

Beyond this though, ladies are often disappointed that there aren’t so many guys on the site who are their own age. So if you’re a younger guy then you’ll get a lot of interest on a site like Cherry Blossoms. Don’t worry if you’re an older guy though. Here’s three ways of standing out from the crowd:

Sign up for full membership plan – I know of ladies who get interests from men, but the ladies can’t contact the men because they don’t have a paid account.
Appear honest and decent at all times, and don’t request sexy webcam sessions or generally act like a pervert.
Asian ladies love career minded men, so if you have a good and stable job then you’ll attract more interest.

So if you want to start your search for an Asian mail order bride then Cherry Blossoms online dating is a good website to start off with. It’s one of the lowest priced sites around, and there are ladies from a wide range of Asian countries represented on the site.

Have you had any luck with the Cherry Blossom dating site? Leave any comments you have about the service below.

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