ChineseLoveLinks is a popular Chinese dating and personals site. The site is a good place to look for a Chinese mail order bride. Here’s a review of ChineseLoveLinks, from a member of the site with a Platinum membership plan. As well as my membership of the site, I’ve actually met some of the ladies who have profiles posted on ChineseLoveLinks, so this is a 100% honest review of the services ChineseLoveLinks offers.

ChineseLoveLinks Review

ChineseLoveLinks is operated by Cupid Media. This is an Australian based company with a big network of internationally themed dating sites, including several in the Asian dating niche.

ChineseLoveLinks offers a free standard membership plan, so you can sign in and have a look. On the standard membership you can view lady’s profiles and get a good feel as to whether you think a Chinese bride is for you.

The only thing you can’t do with a standard membership plan is contact other free members. There’s more about costs below. What it means is that, basically, men end up paying for membership while Chinese ladies can make do with a free membership plan.

ChineseLoveLinks is a popular site in China, and increasing numbers of Chinese girls are joining the site. It helps that the site is available in Chinese, as well as a range of other languages. Most of the ladies on ChineseLoveLinks sign themselves up to the site. This is in contrast to a site such as Chnlove. On Chnlove the ladies are added to the site by Chinese marriage agencies representing them.

ChineseLoveLinks has a huge selection of ladies on the site. There are sexy women, beautiful women, intelligent women, tall women, short women, cute women and many other types of woman! If you don’t have a game plan then you’ll be quickly be overwhelmed with choice. It’s a good idea to set up My Matches – this allows the site to show you ladies who meet your criteria. The matchmaking facilities in ChineseLoveLinks are great, and it’s possible to search by geographical location (down to city level), age, religion, height and weight and a few other factors.

If you’re serious about finding a Chinese girl for marriage, then it’s best to focus on a particular province of China. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou are awash with ladies, and all of these cities are easy to reach from nearby international airports.

I’ve found that I’ve had to be very ruthless while using the site. I delete emails from any ladies who aren’t in the cities I am interested in visiting. While some of these ladies are exceptional, getting distracted is a major mistake with Asian dating. You must always dictate your agenda, and stick to your plans. I only look for marriage minded ladies, and avoid anyone who just wants to chat. Not so many Chinese ladies are interested in short term relationships, so most will be seeking marriage.

I am always impressed with the quality of ladies on ChineseLoveLinks. There are plenty of single professional ladies on the site. I prefer these ladies because they tend to have good careers and are less likely to be marrying a man for money alone. On the downside these ladies can be fairly intimidating to some men, and the real alpha females can struggle to find a man whether he is from China or overseas. Western women are often suspicious of what they’ve heard about Asian mail order brides, so when I tell them that I met a lady through ChineseLoveLinks who earns something in the region of $100,000 a year they get a little surprised! Likewise I chatted to two ladies with MBA’s. All of the ladies I met in China spoke good English, and would have no problems getting decent jobs in a Western country.

By the way, it’s best to stay away from the younger ladies, particularly those below the age of 25. It’s usually better to keep the age difference to less than 10 years, maybe a little more if the lady is over 35. Realistically, and based on what Chinese ladies have told me, I’d say that 5-6 years is the optimal age difference. Don’t worry though because Chinese ladies do tend to age gracefully, so you won’t be too disappointed with an older Chinese lady.

There are plenty of other pitfalls of Chinese dating. Be aware that many ladies upload airbrushed photos of themselves into their profiles – this is very much a cultural thing where appearance is everything. Even snapshots can be airbrushed – to the untrained eye it may not be obvious that they’ve been altered.

Chinese lady holding an umbrellaI’ve been lucky in that I haven’t had too many problems with scammers on this site. Chinese dating sites seem to be safer than Thai or Filipino dating sites in this respect. That’s not to say that ChineseLoveLinks is free from problems with scammers. I personally know somebody who was contacted by a fake aid worker – this is a classic scam. And some ladies have asked me to chat to them on another (more expensive) dating site – this is another classic scam.

I am suspicious of ladies from Nanning. I don’t like to blacklist whole cities but be careful when chatting to Nanning ladies on ChineseLoveLinks. Shenzhen and Shanghai ladies also have a reputation for being princesses, so be a little careful if you’re considering visiting girls in these cities.

ChineseLoveLinks Costs

As far as the ChineseLoveLinks price goes, the membership plan subscription fees are very reasonably priced. The prices are similar to those charged by the more mainstream dating sites such as and eHarmony. The good thing about the membership plans is that you can contact an unlimited number of ladies for the fee. This makes the site much more economical than the pay per letter sites operated by the QPid Network (i.e. Chnlove) and A Foreign Affair/LoveMe.

ChineseLoveLinks has two levels of membership subscription – Gold and Platinum. There aren’t many differences between the two plans to be honest. Online dating is all about impressing the opposite sex, so if you can spare the extra cash, go for a Platinum membership!

A word about cheapskates here. I know and talk to a number of Chinese ladies who have profile on ChineseLoveLinks. Many of the men who contact them don’t even pay for membership. Now do you seriously think that a lady is going to be impressed with a man who can’t even afford a few dollars for a month’s dating site subscription? I’ll say no more…

One pitfall of using ChineseLoveLinks is that the site is only useful if you want to find an Asian bride from China. If you’re not 100% sure you want a Chinese bride, then you’ll have to use a different site to look for a Thai or Filipina bride. And if you want to stick to the user friendly Cupid Media sites then that means paying for membership of either Thai Love Links or Filipino Cupid.

So if you’re thinking of finding love with a Chinese mail order bride then ChineseLoveLinks should be the first site you take a look at. Sign up today and see if you can find the exotic Chinese bride of your dreams.

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