Is Chnlove A Scam?

So what is Chnlove? Chnlove is a Chinese dating site. Chnlove is known by a number of names, including China Love and ChineseWomenDate. Unlike other dating sites like Chinese Love Links it’s squarely aimed at the market for Western men seeking Chinese mail order brides. Chinese women can’t sign up to the site themselves. All of the women on the site are supplied by a number of Chinese marriage agencies. These agencies are located throughout China. In major cities there are sometimes half a dozen different agencies. Medium sized cities such as Wuhan or Changsha may only have a couple of agencies supplying ladies.

Like just about every Asian personals site available, Chnlove is totally free to sign up to. Once you log in you get to upload a photo of yourself and fill out your profile. You can also search the profiles of the Chinese women on the site. Chnlove claims there are over 10,000 profiles on the site, so it’s quite likely you’ll find the Chinese woman for you.

If you like one of the ladies on the site you can send her a cupid note free of charge. This alerts the lady to the fact that you’re interested in her. You can also send her an email via the website. The emailing is carried out using an easy to use web based form.

Chnlove differs from many other Asian dating sites in that you have to pay to send an email to a lady. You also have to pay to read her response. This fee pays for translation services. A human translator translates your letter into Chinese. The marriage agency representing the lady then contacts the lady and tells her your message, and asks her for your response.

There are a few good things about this service:

  • Wow, you can look for a Chinese wife without knowing a word of Chinese or anything about Chinese culture.
  • Chnlove attracts Chinese ladies who don’t know how to use a computer.
  • Chnlove helps ladies who don’t speak any English to find a Western husband.
  • Paying a couple of credits to contact a lady is a lot cheaper than paying for a monthly membership of another dating site.

In addition, Chnlove itself is much less likely to have out and out scam ladies on it. You’re not very likely to come across African dating site scammers, women acting as paid affiliates for other dating or chat sites, and hopefully you won’t be pestered by prostitutes. Sign up to one of the other Asian dating sites and you’ll soon encounter plenty of these women…

Unfortunately if you start using Chnlove a lot then you’ll soon realise that it could be nothing more than a mail order bride scam. Problems you might encounter at first include:

  • Regardless of your own age, you’ll soon get contacted by ladies much younger than yourself.
  • There are 10,000 or more ladies on Chnlove. How on earth do you whittle down your shortlist?
  • You’ll immediately notice that there are a lot of flawlessly beautiful women on Chnlove. But if you exchange snapshots with the lady you might get photos that make you wonder if you’re actually talking to the same girl!

On the photos, yes most of the photos of the ladies on Chnlove have been airbrushed. It’s not unusual to see 50 year old women who look 25. Having been to China on several occasions I can confirm that Chinese ladies do generally look good in real life. But some of the photos are ridiculous. While not a scam, it is misleading. Sadly other sites like Foreign Ladies and Asian Beauties do much the same. Personally I prefer the natural snapshots the ladies upload themselves on sites like Chinese Kisses and Chinese Cupid.

China is awash with beautiful ladies
China is awash with beautiful ladies

As to the age difference, yes you have to be suspicious here. Generally speaking Chinese women don’t prefer to marry much older men. Like in all cultures, there are of course gold diggers, so look out for these. As far as Chnlove goes, the emails you get from younger ladies are generally sent out in order to generate translation work for the marriage agencies. Presumably they get a cut of the money you spend sending or receiving letters through the site, so it’s in their interests to market their ladies as widely as possible.

One of the problems is that Chnlove relies on many different Chinese marriage agencies, and these agencies each have many employees. Finding the rogue agencies and employees is a big undertaking. To their credit the agency I had most dealings with were pretty good. I know that the lady I was writing to actually got my messages (I was with her when her agency phoned her up to tell her my message).

Sadly there are too many problems with Chnlove. Look on Romance Scams and Dragon Ladies and you’ll find all kinds of other problems with this site. Particularly scary are the stories where men have spent over $1000 writing to ladies who they think might not even have existed.

One problem that particularly affected me was the fact that I got the same email response twice from the same lady. So that was a wasted credit to read both of those.

I should however point out that I met some very nice ladies on Chnlove. I even visited one in China. Many men have found their Chinese wives on this site.

As to shortlisting your favorite Chinese ladies, I’d say that this is the biggest problem I faced on Chnlove. I’m pretty choosy about who I marry. Being under 40, marriage is an especially big decision for me. Deciding which ladies to visit was working out very expensive for me on Chnlove. In hindsight I’d have been much better off using Chinese Kisses or Chinese Love Links.

Other Chnlove Scams

There are other Chnlove scams you need to be aware of. Actually these are more connected with ladies you could meet through the site rather than problems with Chnlove itself.

The first is that if you visit a lady, DO NOT trust her 100% at first. Be careful where you meet her. The hotel lobby or a restaurant you know near your hotel is a good idea. Here’s a top tip – when you get to China, try to find a location near the hotel where you can take ladies on dates. A restaurant with food you like and an English menu is a good choice.

Visiting a lady in China can be an incredible experience, but make sure you know what you're doing
Visiting a lady in China can be an incredible experience, but make sure you know what you're doing

Be careful if you’re meeting a lady at the marriage agency offices. If you’re hiring their services (such as a translator) then they might try to overcharge you. $10 is a lot of money in China. As soon as you get there, start finding out the price of things.

Occasionally a translator and the lady will be working together to scam you. This is a big tip – NEVER go shopping with a lady or her translator. For first dates, choose restaurants, or tourist attractions like zoos. Never go shopping!

Be aware as well that if the translator is interested in you, she won’t hesitate to tell the lady you’re visiting that you don’t like her. If you feel the translator is becoming interested in you, find another translator.

There are some great ladies on Chnlove, but how do you find your perfect bride?
There are some great ladies on Chnlove, but how do you find your perfect bride?

If all goes well and you propose to the lady, this usually means the marriage agency is due a success fee. Be very careful here. First of all the contract is between the agency and the lady. You did not sign the contact! If you do feel like paying, then remember that everything in China is negotiable. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t pay more than $1000. Ideally pay closer to $400, although $0 is perfectly acceptable. Here’s where having an English speaking Chinese friend is a big advantage to you, so while you’re chatting to Chinese ladies online, make sure you find a trustworthy female best friend who can make sense of Chinese contracts and other baffling documents.

Finally, if you do suspect that you’re being scammed, then do report things to Chnlove. Usually they’ll only refund the credits you paid to contact a particular lady, but at least that’s something.

As to Chnlove, once again I’ll say that there are some great ladies on the site. It’s a good place to find more mature Chinese women online. These ladies don’t tend to speak any English. And without knowing Pinyin or other Chinese character input methods they can’t use a computer either. Sadly finding the right lady for you on Chnlove can take a lot of time (and especially) money. Personally I much prefer Chinese Kisses and Chinese Love Links. There are some fabulous ladies on both these sites, and you can sign up to either for less than around $250 for an entire year.

Have you had any good Chinese dating experiences, or have you experienced nothing but mail order bride scams? Leave your comments below!

10 thoughts on “Is Chnlove A Scam?

  • August 10, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    I used chnlove’s sister site thaimatches for about 4 months to talk to one girl. initially I thought it would be for about a month as I was intending on going to thailand for a holiday. Unfortunately my holiday kept on getting pushed out so I spent a lot longer on the web site than I had hoped. I did some research before using the site about their sister site chnlove and from what I could gather the problem seemed to be with the local agencies not the actually web site. Not being a fan of chinese people in general I hoped that the thai agencies would not be as bad. However as the emails continued I noticed a lot of similarities between the emails I was receiving and other people who had used chnlove. I was unable to find any review on thaimatches before I started. There was a lot of long winded emails about life and love and cheating and comparisons to movies etc.. that were so well worded the girl I was communicating with must have been studying english literature at Oxford university. Stupidly I continued even though I knew in the back of my mind it was a scam.
    I finally got to go to bangkok so I sent her my hotel details. She said she would call the hotel and if I could get a local sim card. When I arrived I bought a sim card and sent it to her through thaimatches, which ironically used up my last credit. Surprisingly she never called.
    Also, before I went to thailand I set up a second fake profile and sent her a ‘poke’. She responded with a letter which was word for word identical to the letter she had sent to my real profile 4 months previously.
    I don’t doubt that the girls are real but I think there is probably one or two guys who are actually communicating with them and 100 who are being scammed with fake letters.

  • July 30, 2012 at 2:23 am

    I realize chatting is a very big scam. Many gilrs from that site are ready to chat with you. The problem is the ladies are not able to use the computer from the agency. So in fact, you chat with a translator from the agency who use the profile of the lady and that lady will be never unaware that the translator use her profile to dig in your pocket. I was communicating with a girl on skype and she was on chat room o the agency chnlove. Itold her what is she doing there for chatting and she told me she is at work, not at the agency because girls canoot use computer for chatting. By the way, photos of ladies are touche a lots by photo shop. So beware.

  • January 7, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    There are so many scams. How does one find a legitimate site that can be verified by other users and/or governmental authorities?
    I do know of one guy who had successfully found such a site and a wife from it. He was very happy. However, he no longer lives in my area so how can one verify?


    • January 10, 2013 at 11:13 am

      Hi Andrew,

      Chinese Love Links is genuine, as are their other sites (Filipino Cupid etc.). Cherry Blossoms is also real and has been around for a while.

      My own site is genuine – I know because I built it myself.

      Sure there are scammers on these sites, but the solution is to go to Asia and meet ladies in person. Choose 3-4 to visit and you’re sure to meet at least one wonderful lady!

  • January 13, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    I used as well. I spent quite a bit of money as well talking to one lADY. It kept striking me as odd when her replies would have nothing to do woth letters i had just sent. It was as if she wasnt reading them or they werent being translated correctly. I have found multitudes of free translation software online. and it is accurate. So as far as the “agency” charging a translation fee because they do it personally, is a joke. They do it with software as well. It was also odd about this beautiful girl who was always pushing for online chat or love call through the site at 7 bucks a minute. I sent her a pic with my email address and 2 phone numbers and she acknowledged receiving them in a letter(proving that they dont personally translate the letters) She still refused to contact me through those means. coincidence? Finally she pulled the classic “flip the script” and proceeded to tell me that I must have her confused with some other lady I was talking to when I repeatedly questioned her as to her reasons for nonsite contact, and explaining of the high cost of communicating via the site. I became painfully obvious I was getting played I dont know exactly by who,the girl , the agency, or the site. Did a coversion of money and in one week alone I spent 937 yuan talking to an insincere person.

  • May 23, 2013 at 9:06 am

    FRAUD, fuck International cheat, lady maybe real, correspondents were done by worker of the agency,, they cheat you openly and China authority has no power to crack them down.

  • May 14, 2014 at 10:07 pm

    I have been on the site for a couple of years on and I know I have spent too much money in talking with these women. I came back hoping things would change, but it is all the same thing. You read their letters and they mostly want to tell you they are very sexual and want to have sex with you very much. SOme will tell you they have lots of money and they just want a man and not money and to marry you. What a line!!!! If you contact them, themn you have to pay $7.00 per letter and the girl gets to write to you for free. What a crock. The women should know that you have to spend your hard earned money to friken write or read their letter. They complain that they have not heard from you and well because I’m broke!!
    If I didn’t have to pay for everything then I might want to write more and find a nice woman faster. I just was talking to one girl and she wanted to come and visit me and I was like cool. That makes it easier for me and we both can meet and see if we match. I gave her a picture with my number on it and told her to call me when she got into the usa and I waited, but no call. After 11 days, she sends me 2 letters and I saw her online and I chatted with her and I asked, where are you? She replied “I’ve been in Chi8na for a while.” Where was the phone cal and the visit you said you were coming to see me?” She said her grandfather had a accident and fell down the stairs and she had to go back to China. She also told me she tried to call but could not get through. What lies!!! I cannot belive I spent so much money and not a “I’m sorry” but that she said that she would come to see me in 2 months or so. I was like, just send me the money and we can call it even. I am sick of the lies and deception from If you want to lose a lot of money, join this site! I’ll wait for my love to come.

  • September 17, 2014 at 8:53 am

    It is not only Americans cheated by Chnlove Date, but also all people, around the longitudes and latitudes. I’m from Sri Lanka and I was cheated twice by these fraud characters. One is Lecea (P476323) and the other one is Chenqiao (P919525). Fortunately, it is less than hundred thousand dollars that I have wasted to appease these brutal criminals! After exchanging many letters consuming a lot of ‘credits’ I asked from both of them to send some realistic photos. Suddenly Chenqian got angry and stopped writing to me. The other one sent me a request to make a call and I accepted and made a call at due time. A female answered from the other end and she didn’t know who I am. I asked from her either email address or telephone number, using my little knowledge of Chinese (she was very bad in English!). Then she asked why should she give her number as she doesn’t know me. I was helpless and before enquire whether she doesn’t know me via Chinlove Date, line was disconnected consuming a big amount of dollars. This clarifies someone else of the distant agency scammers of Chnlove has pretended like these photo-holders and acted the play. So I wrote to Chnlove ‘custom caring’ thieves about this cursing not only thsi criminal business, but also their mothers. What else we can do………….? Finally I have to bear the psychological and financial loss.

  • March 9, 2015 at 2:13 am

    Chnlove is a scam, plain and simple.
    I’ve spent too much money chasing fake profiles, visiting fake addresses that don’t exsist. I’ve met one real lady from this site and that was because the actual lady I was talking to wasn’t real, so the translator (pretending to be someone else)met me with a substitution lady, it wasn’t hard to tell why she was still single either. Fact is that chnlove sell you a fake rolex, they tell you its real, when you discover its a fake they say “not our fault, we didn’t make the watch”. well guess what chnlove, I’m talking to ladies from your site in real life, i’m gathering evidence and i’m publishing it. you can see the result at

  • April 17, 2016 at 8:03 am

    This is an easy way to check the sincerity of a girl on : tell her that you are soon going to visit China and would like to meet her to see if the two of you are a good match. The chances are you will hear “Let’s get to know each other first, I need time to get accustomed to you, etc. etc.” Translation: let me get as much money out of you, idiot, as I can.
    Think about it. If you were to strike a face to face conversation with woman you think likes you, would she suggest texting or calling each other first “to get to know each other”? Don’t be a piece of the Chinese BS statistics, be American, be smart.


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