How to Find a Sexy Mature Chinese Woman Online

Looking for a wife? Why not consider finding a Chinese wife? Here’s what you need to know about finding marriage minded mature Chinese women, and whether they’re a good choice for a guy looking for love later in life.

Good Things About Mature Chinese Women

First of all if you like beautiful older women then you’re looking in the right country. Mature Chinese ladies are often exceptionally beautiful. All those years of not smoking or drinking, staying out of the sun (parasols are a common sight in China) and eating healthy food really do pay off.

There are some fantastic mature Chinese ladies in ChinaThe other great thing is that thanks to China’s vast population there’s a huge amount of ladies on Chinese dating sites, and you’ll find no shortage of ladies you’d fall in love with!

In fact the choice of ladies can be bewildering, so before you start chatting to dozens of ladies it’s a good idea to have some sort of plan. Decide what sort of lady you want, in terms of height, weight, age and body type. Do you want an educated lady (of which there are many in China), or a housewife? Does it matter if she is divorced or has children from a previous relationship?

Bad Things About Mature Chinese Women

The main issue with finding older Chinese women is that so few of them speak English.

Some dating services solve the language barrier by offering a translation service. A popular example is Chnlove. This site uses human translators to translate communications sent by Western men to Chinese women. The translation service works reasonably well, and it allows you to chat to ladies who speak no English at all. The problem with this method is that it is an expensive way of conducting a relationship. Use a letter writing site like this and you’ll potentially pay a lot more to chat to Chinese women than you would by using a flat rate dating site such as Chinese Love Links or Cherry Blossoms dating, or a totally free Asian dating site like Date In Asia.

The easiest way to solve the language barrier is to seek one of the mature Chinese ladies who can speak some English.

Incidentally, if you want to go down the mail order bride route and have your Chinese lady move to your country, then it’s possibly a good idea to find an English speaking lady. She’ll find it easier to settle, and she’ll find it marginally easier to pass the ever more stringent fiancé or marriage visa interviews. Needless to say it’s also much easier to have a relationship with a woman who can understand you!

Alternatives to Chinese Women

An alternative to a Chinese bride is to go to Thailand or the Philippines. Generally speaking, if it’s a much younger lady you’re looking for then these are better choices than China. On the downside, there are vastly more Thai and Filipino dating site scammers compared to dishonest Chinese ladies, so finding a suitable marriage partner in these countries can be a lot of work.

Mature Japanese or South Korean women are also worth considering. There are some fantastic older ladies in both of these two countries. Japanese and Korean men tend to be very youth obsessed, so the older ladies can find it hard to find husbands in their own countries. Both Japanese and Korean ladies are particularly fond of American men. Obviously there are cultural differences between Japanese, Korean and Chinese women – for one thing their languages are completely different, as is the food.

So if you’re interested in meeting marriage minded Chinese women then sign up to some Asian dating sites and start chatting to Chinese ladies today.

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