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Date In Asia is a popular Asian dating site. This site differs from the rest in that it offers 100% free dating. Yes, unlike other dating sites it doesn’t charge a membership fee, and you don’t have to pay anything to send emails to the ladies on the site.

So is Date In Asia worth using, and is it better than the subscription sites on offer? Here’s some thoughts on Date In Asia.

Date In Asia Mini Review

As mentioned above, Date In Asia is totally free to sign up to. The registration form is quick and easy, so you’ll be chatting to Asian women in no time at all.

Date In Asia requires that all members verify their identities by registering their mobile phone number. While this give some reassurance, it’s not much protection against scammers. To give an example, while I was in China I was able to buy a SIM card for around $8. So any scammer caught on Date In Asia can simply buy a new SIM card and register with a new identity. $8 isn’t a lot of money to a scammer given that it’s not hard to get a Western man to send over $50 if you tell him a sad enough story.

Once you’re registered you can start using the site, and that’s where things start to fall apart a little. Date In Asia has a very basic search facility, and there are none of the bells and whistles of the pay sites. I found that I didn’t get a lot of interest on Date In Asia compared to the interest I got on ChineseLoveLinks or Filipino Cupid. I put this down to the fact that the search facility is poor, plus the fact that you’re competing against many free members, whereas the paying members on a subscription site are normally in the minority, so they are much more popular.

The facilities for storing and managing your favorite ladies is very basic. Given the numbers of ladies you’re likely to want to chat to, it soon becomes completely unmanageable unless you have some sort of system.

One good thing about Date In Asia is that because the membership base is so large you can find ladies from other countries outside the usual China, Thailand and Philippines zone. There are also plenty of ladies from Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and even Laos.

Date In Asia Scams and Con Artists

You won’t go far reading about Date In Asia without seeing plenty of evidence of scammers, fake profiles and all kinds of goings on. Talk to some men about Date In Asia and you’ll start to get the impression that the site is nothing more than a paradise for romance scammers.

One of the problems is that because some men send money to Asian women they meet online, it means that more and more ladies go onto dating sites with the aim of making money from these men. Thai and Filipina bar girls are especially good at this because extracting cash from men is their field of expertise. To their credit, Date In Asia does tell men not to send money, and it will actively ban men who have sent money to ladies they’ve met on the site.

To be fair on the ladies on the site, it isn’t just female scammers that are the problem. I know Asian ladies with profiles on dating sites who have been approached by men claiming to be aid workers working in Syria or some African country. Then men spin them a sad story (often involving children) then hope that they have tugged enough heart strings so that the lady sends the man money through Western Union.

Women on Asian dating sites also have to put up with a lot of creeps and low lifes who think that a free dating site is a good place to get cybersex without having to pay per minute for video chat on another site. While men and women on dating sites are often seeking various types of relationship, all the games going on makes it much more difficult for marriage minded men and women to find each other.

As to my own experience of Date In Asia dating, I had both a good and a bad time on this site. I was pleased with the quality of the Chinese ladies on the site. Many men also have good things to say about Date In Asia as far as the Filipinas are concerned. But it must be borne in mind that the number of suspicious Filipinas on the site is very large, so take care. On the downside, I got contacted by a fair number of dubious women. Being a young man and a non-American, I must admit that I don’t attract as many scammers as older American guys will. But I did get a couple of emails from escort girls – this wasn’t really the sort of relationship I was looking for when I signed up to the site. On the other hand, at least they were perfectly honest as to their intentions.

Alternatives to Date In Asia

So what are the alternatives to Date In Asia? If you want to keep away from the many scammers and dishonest women that you come across on Date In Asia then I’m sorry but a pay site isn’t the place to run to. The problem is that because the women can sign up for free to the pay sites then these sites have just as big a task keeping a lid on the scammers as a free site like Date In Asia does.

As far as the alternatives go, CherryBlossoms is fairly similar to Date In Asia in that there are plenty of ladies from a wide range of Asian countries on it (although it’s likely that Filipino ladies make up the largest percentage). CherryBlossoms started off as a traditional mail order bride business but now the dating site is their major business activity.

Asian Kisses is also a wildly popular Asian dating website. The site has a very basic design. Asian Kisses is particularly popular with European men seeking Asian bride. German men in particular seem to love this site. One unique feature of Asian Kisses is that it’s an Asian dating website where you can meet men, women and also ladyboys for dating.

Cupid Media are major players in the Asian dating scene. Their flagship site is Asian Dating (or Asian Euro as it was once called). They also have a number of country specific sites, of which ChineseLoveLinks, Japan Cupid, Singapore Cupid, ThaiLoveLinks and Filipino Cupid (previously FilipinaHeart) are the most well known.

So if you’re interested in finding a girlfriend from Asia then give Date In Asia a go. But don’t get carried away and send all your life savings to a girl you meet on this dating site.

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