Filipino Mail Order Brides

Asian ladies are very popular with Western men. So it’s not surprising that so many men are interested in the idea of finding a mail order bride from Asia. While many men used to head for Thailand, the Philippines is an increasingly popular choice for men seeking mail order brides.

So are Filipino mail order brides worth looking for, and what are the problems involved with seeking a bride from the Philippines?

Filipino Ladies

The Philippines economy often lags behind the rest of Asia, with very low salaries being common. Approximately 10% of Filipinos live and work overseas in order to help support their families. Consequently it’s not surprising that so many Filipino ladies (or Filipinas) think that marrying a Western man is a passport to a better life for them and their families.

Two aspects of the Philippines interests men seeking Asian brides. The first is that the ladies often speak English. While this is true to some degree, not all Filipinas are fluent in English. English tends to be the language of business, so a lady who isn’t an office lady, a teacher or some other professional may not have much opportunity to practice her English on a daily basis. The Philippines also has a wide range of different languages being spoken, with Tagalog and Cebuano being the two most common.

Filipinas are usually Christian, so they are popular with men seeking Christian wives. A consequence of the widespread Catholicism in the Philippines means that divorce is frowned upon, and a Filipina wants to marry for life.

Filipino Online Dating

There are many websites where you can meet and chat to Filipinas online. Popular Filipina mail order brides sites include Filipina Heart (Filipino Cupid) and Filipino Kisses. Filipinas are also very numerous on the mail order bride focused sites such as Cherry Blossoms, Foreign Ladies and Heart of Asia.

If you’re interested in 100% free Filipina dating then consider a site such as DateInAsia. This site claims to have over a million registered users. Filipina ladies are probably the most numerous of all the nationalities on DateInAsia. The downside is that this site has a pretty basic search facility, and it attracts a lot of scammers. To their credit the site tries to stop scam ladies by requiring a mobile phone to be used to register. But having been to Asia and seen how cheap a SIM card is, I don’t think this is much of a deterrent to the average scam lady.

Problems With Filipino Mail Order Brides

If you’re going down the online dating route, then be aware that scammers are very common on Filipino dating sites. The problem is that men tend to start sending money to Filipinas they meet on dating sites. This results in more and more women signing up to these sites in the hope that Western men will send them money. A few dollars does a long way in the Philippines, so even sending small sums of money can encourage an ever increasing amount of ladies to earn a living by scamming men.

A big problem with these scammers is that many of them have no intention of ever becoming a Filipina mail order bride. Instead they’re happy to live in the Philippines and live off their dating site earnings.

Thankfully the best way to avoiding scammers is to not send them any money. Save gifts for after you get engaged, or better still, after you get married to a lady.

Some men think that Filipino women living overseas are less likely to scam them. But this isn’t always the case. Plenty of Filipino women living in Hong Kong or the Middle East are up to all kinds of things, so don’t assume that these ladies are trustworthy.

If you’re arranging to meet a Filipina in the Philippines, then be wary of the younger ladies. Filipinas often marry much older Western men – this is largely due to the laws of supply and demand. There are many Filipinas looking for Western husbands and the Western men seeking Filipina brides tend to be second time around daters, often with a previous marriage to a Western woman.

It’s not unheard of for girls younger than 18 to appear on Filipino dating sites – I’ve seen evidence of this, and I have heard of American men dating Filipinas who were a lot younger than they realised. Sure, most men like young girls, but if you get caught with an underage girl in the Philippines then you could cause a whole lot of trouble for yourself.
Many men complain that their Filipinas only married them for their money. You have to be realistic – Asian ladies often do marry for reasons other than love. If you want a more loving relationship then it’s usually better to find a lady closer to your own age. They generally get much less attention on Asian dating sites, and a mature Asian lady could love you forever.

It’s quite common for Filipinas on dating sites to have children. Sometimes they don’t actually admit to having children though. In Asian countries it is common for grandparents to bring up children, so it’s easier than you might expect for a Filipina to lie about having children. Of course not all men are worried about their future Filipina bride already having children, but they would much rather know the truth.

Don’t let worries about scammers put you off. I’ve met some fabulous ladies on Asian dating websites, and I’ve had a great time visiting them. Increasing numbers of Western men are discovering that a Filipino bride makes a loving and devoted partner. So if you’re interested in finding a Filipino mail order bride, then take a look at an Asian dating site and start chatting to ladies. Who knows, you might even find the wife of your dreams on one of these sites.

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