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If you’re interested in finding Filipinas for dating then you might come across Cebunas dating. Cebunas is a Philippines dating site that is popular with men seeking Filipino mail order brides.

Despite the name, Cebunas isn’t just for women who live in and around Cebu City on the island of Cebu. You’ll also find women from other parts of the Philippines on the site, and there are plenty of girls from Manila, Davao City and other parts of the country. At a rough guess I’d say that 75% of the Philippines girls on Cebunas are from Cebu. This is no bad thing, as Cebu is arguably the best place to visit for a Western man seeking a wife from the Philippines. Cebu is probably the most Westernised of all the Philippines cities. The island of Cebu is considered to be safer for Westerners to visit compared to islands such as Mindano. Finally Cebu has regular flights from the Hong Kong international airport hub.

So what has the Cebunas dating site got to offer in the competitive marketplace of online dating?

First of all there are some nice ladies on the site, and if you’re looking for a Filipino wife or girlfriend then you’ll be spoilt for choice amongst all the Cebuana girls here. Many of the Cebuana girls are in the 18-25 age range, so it’s a good place for guys who want to date younger women.

One unique feature of Cebunas is the star system of rating members. This shows you how trustworthy the member is considered to be. A 5.5 star rating is reserved for members whom the Cebunas staff have personally met, so you can be much more sure that these ladies do actually exist and are less likely to be scammers. Sadly Filipina romance scams are all too common, so this is a reassuring site feature.

If you need help or advice then the site offers a live help facility.

Other services the site offers include comprehensive travel information to the Cebu area, including information on some recommended hotels and rental apartments. If you’re interested in finding an Asian wife then it’s always worthwhile staying for a month or three in a rental apartment if you can afford it. This will allow you more time to get to know the local ladies and find the perfect wife for you.

Cebunas also offer romance tours of the Philippines. For a one off fee for a day, 3 days or 3 weeks service, Cebunas will help you every step of the way in your visit to Cebu.

Aside from these features, Cebunas offer the usual instant messaging and chat facilities. Once you’ve signed up for membership then you can find Filipina chat mates and get searching for your dream lady.

In terms of taking out a subscription, Cebunas is fairly competitive with other Filipino dating sites. It’s worth checking the site because there are often special membership offers at certain times of the year – at the time of writing there was a flower delivery service bonus offered for men who took out a one year membership plan.

Alternatives to Cebunas

Assuming you’re interested in Filipina women then the closest rival to Cebunas dating would be Filipino Cupid (or Filipina Heart as it used to be known as). Filipino Cupid is a decent Philippines dating site. The site has a good search engine and some great facilities for keeping track of all those beautiful Filipinas you’ll no doubt be talking to. On the downside many men have problems with vast numbers of scammers on this site, so be wary.

A smaller Filipino dating site is Filipino Kisses. This site doesn’t have such a great search engine as Filipino Cupid, so there’s not a great deal to recommend it for. One unique feature is that it does allow you to search for Filipino ladyboys – there’s also a ladyboy specific dating site called Ladyboy Kisses.

There are also a few smaller Philippines dating services such as Cebunagirls and BeautifulPhilippineGirls.

If you’re not 100% sure whether you want a Thai or Filipino bride (or even a Chinese wife), then it’s often more economical to sign up to an Asian dating site with women from a wider range of countries. That way you can take out a single subscription but chat to women from more than one country. Cherry Blossoms dating is a popular site, and is one of the lowest cost Asian dating websites available. Asian Beauties is also popular, although this site is fairly expensive.

Finally many men have success on Date In Asia. This site offers 100% free Asian dating, and there are tens of thousands of Filipina women on it. Just bear in mind that free online dating sites don’t offer sophisticated search engines and matchmaking, and they’re popular with scammers and other undesirables.

So Cebunas is worth a look, although it obviously can’t compete cost-wise with a free site like Date In Asia. The fact that Cebunas have staff in the Philippines means that they can however offer services that other dating site operators cannot.

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