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If you’re interested in the idea of finding an Asian mail order bride, then there are an increasing number of free dating sites that can help you find your dream partner from Asia. FindLoveAsia offers 100% free dating, with some basic social networking features. Here’s more about FindLoveAsia, and how it could help you find love in Asia!

FindLoveAsia Review

I guess I’m well placed to write reviews of Asian dating websites. I’ve been searching for an Asian wife for just over two years now. I’ve made three trips to Asia to meet ladies in person. I’ve got close to finding the one, but it does take longer than you might think, especially if you’re of the age where you’re looking for the mother of your future children.

FindLoveAsia has plenty of female members. There aren’t as many as other Asian dating websites, but there should be enough to keep you busy for a few nights of browsing personal ads.

I did a quick search and found 30,850 ladies between the age of 18 – 30. A quick scan of the search results showed that the overwhelming majority of the ladies were from the Philippines. The second most numerous group were the Thai girls. After that there were smaller numbers of girls from countries such as China, Indonesia and Malaysia. Actually I found one Ukrainian woman on there as well.

Chinese girls do have profiles on FindLoveAsia, but they're not nearly so numerous as the Filipinas

Chinese girls do have profiles on FindLoveAsia, but they're not nearly so numerous as the Filipinas

I did another search for Chinese ladies and found 420 in the 25-36 age range. On the downside, I couldn’t narrow down the search to a particular Chinese city. Since I only want to find a lady from Guangzhou this was a big problem for me. I guess 420 search results isn’t a huge number to scroll through, but a city or free text search would be appreciated!

Another issue is that profiles are quite basic. For example there’s nothing to tell you what a lady’s English ability is like. Many profiles are very brief, so you can’t really gauge if the members are a suitable match for you.

The overwhelming majority of ladies on this site though are from the Philippines. Wow, maybe 90 – 95% of the ladies on FindLoveAsia are Filipino. Manila, Davao or Cebu, wherever you’re interested in finding a Philippines girl for marriage then this site has a great selection of ladies.

I must say that this site is a bit more sophisticated than many of the other free Asian dating websites available. There is a friends feature which is something that’s more common on social networking sites than on dating sites. And members can upload more than one photo on this site – the other 100% free Asian dating site only permits a single photo to be uploaded. The photos are also a good size, which is so good to see when so many other sites only allow tiny photos to be uploaded.

If you want to chat here and now then you can see members who are online.

Wow, I’ve Found Another Free Asian Dating Website!

FindLoveAsia has a big and popular rival in DateInAsia. DateInAsia is arguably the best known free Asian dating site. This site is OK, but it is just so hard to find the decent ladies amongst the women who aren’t sure if they want a husband, or are too defensive after fending off approaches from weirdos. Plus you’ve got the scammers and hookers to contend with. Personally I thought the hookers were the most honest members on DateInAsia – at least they were truthful about what they wanted!

Filipinas are particularly numerous on FindLoveAsia. Why pay for a subscription site when you can chat to them on FindLoveAsia for free?

Filipinas are particularly numerous on FindLoveAsia. Why pay for a subscription site when you can chat to them on FindLoveAsia for free?

I also heard good things about DateMeFree. A few guys reckoned it was a good place to find Asian women without being inundated with the many scammers who normally lurk on these sites. Sadly while the site might have been scammer free, it also didn’t have many Asian women members, so my choice was somewhat limited.

I’ve made a bit of use of free Asian dating sites, but I’m not a big fan of them to be honest. If you’re serious about finding an Asian wife it’s invariably better to use a subscription site. The quality of member is greater on the pay sites. They also have much better facilities for managing your favorite ladies. Given the number of contacts you normally get on these sites, this can only be a good thing.

Finally, by taking out a subscription and spending your hard earned cash you are demonstrating to a lady that you’re serious about finding an Asian wife. From the Asian women I’ve chatted to, I realize that maybe 80% of their emails come from men who only have free subscriptions. So let me tell you that these guys are wasting their time and the lady’s time. On the Cupid dating sites free members can’t contact other free members, so I don’t know why these guys bother.

So FindLoveAsia isn’t a bad 100% free dating site. If you’re interested in chatting to Filipinas then it might be worthwhile using this site in preference to a pay site. But just don’t expect too much from a free site. The basic search facility and limited profile information makes it quite hard to find your perfect match on this site – if you’re serious about finding an Asian wife then it’s invariably better to use a sophisticated site like Filipino Cupid or Cherry Blossoms.

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