Meeting Older Asian Women

Sign up to any Asian mail order brides site and you’ll encounter plenty of young girls. While they are beautiful and flatter your ego when they say they want a man in the 18-80 age range, the reality is not quite as hopeful as you might think.

It’s often much more sensible to look for an older Asian woman. Older women are more mature and know what they want out of life. Younger Asian girls are often naïve and inexperienced sexually. While some men prefer this, it can be very time consuming to have a relationship with them, particularly so if you’re not yet at retirement age and have to hold down a job.

Which Mature Asian Women Are Best?

Men seeking mail order brides tend to head for China, Thailand or the Philippines.

The ladies are vastly different in each of these countries. Happily most men have a pretty good idea of which country they want their Asian lady to be from. It always drove me mad when the Chnlove Chinese dating site put Thai ladies on the site with the Chinese ladies. Hardly any men looking for a Chinese bride would even consider looking at a Thai bride. Happily Chnlove saw sense and put the Thai ladies on the ThaiMatches website instead.

As far as mature women go, Chinese ladies tend to age very gracefully. I have seen with my own eyes ladies in their 50’s who look ten or more years younger. If you value beauty then China is a good choice. On the downside Chinese ladies are pretty complicated, and they can be very demanding (especially on money issues). If you want a laid back lifestyle (and which older man doesn’t?) then this might not be the best choice.

Thai or Filipina ladies are a good choice. If you’re a Christian guy then it’s usually better to find a Filipina wife. Thai ladies are known for their happy personalities.

Dating Sites Favored By Older Asian Women

There are plenty of Asian dating sites available online. Many of these personals sites are full of young girls though, and you’ll often get a lot of attention from young 20 year old girls, especially Filipinas. If you’re rich and white then you’ll get a lot of attention on these sites. If you’re a white American guy then so much the better. Don’t worry if you’re another race or nationality though – there’s an Asian lady for you out there.

Finding older Asian women requires a bit more thought.

One problem is that older Asian women tend not to speak or write much English. Consequently they can’t always add themselves to online dating services the way that the younger Asian girls do.

Another bigger potential problem is that not all older Asian people know how to use a computer. It takes time to learn how to input Thai or Chinese characters on a keyboard, and not all ladies know how to do this.

Mature Asian ladies with good computer skills tend to prefer the Cupid Media sites. These sites are available in a range of Asian languages and they also advertise widely for members in Asia. For Chinese ladies this means Chinese Love Links. For Thai ladies head to Thai LoveLinks. Finally Filipino ladies are numerous on Filipina Heart (also known as Filipino Cupid).

If you’re undecided as to whether you want a Thai, Chinese or Filipino bride then why not chat to all three nationalities of lady on the Cherry Blossoms dating?

When you’re on these sites stick to the more mature women and don’t get distracted by the younger girls. Many of the younger girls are looking for sugar daddies or they’re out and out money scammers or sex cam touts. I really like the Cupid Media sites because you can filter the emails you get so that emails from girls outside your specified age range go straight into a trash folder. Trust me, you have to be ruthless and stick to your goals on these sites.

Since so many older Asian ladies can’t put their personal ad on dating sites, they often look for alternatives. In China and Thailand there are plenty of marriage agencies that will register the lady and add her profile to sites such as Chnlove, Foreign Ladies and Asian Beauties. They translate the man’s letters into the lady’s native language, and send the man the response back. These sites can be a good place to find less technologically literate ladies, but can have high costs if you’re sending a lot of speculative letters.

In Thailand there are also a number of marriage agencies that will act as an introductions agency. This can be a good way to meet ladies who are a little nervous about meeting men online, and would rather have a meeting in a safe environment of an introduction agency office.

So if you’re interested in finding out whether a mature Asian woman is what’s missing in your life, then sign up to some Asian dating websites and take a look around.

If you have any questions regarding meeting Asian women then leave your comments below.

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