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Vietnamese women seem to have been overlooked by Western men seeking Asian mail order brides. I think this will change as the Vietnamese economy improves, and Vietnam Cupid is leading a surge in popularity of Vietnamese brides for foreign men.

Vietnam Cupid is one of the many sites operated by Cupid Media. They own a large number of dating sites that are popular with men seeking mail order brides from Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

The sites all have a pretty standard look and feel. There’s a slick search facility, which allows you to search on a wide range of settings. Want to find a Vietnam woman who is 5′ 5″ and speaks French? Interested in short girls with University degrees and a good level of English? Searching for these women is really easy on Vietnam Cupid. Plus you can save your searches for later.

The beautiful and elegant women of Vietnam will seriously impress you
The beautiful and elegant women of Vietnam will seriously impress you

Vietnam Cupid offers a free membership option. This is fine for logging in and browsing the profiles. However, if you want to contact the ladies then you’ll need to pay for a Gold or Platinum subscription. Don’t worry though – the site is pretty affordable, and there’s a generous discount for signing up for a yearly membership. The good news is that if you buy a subscription your profile will become very popular, and you’ll have no end of attractive women who are interested in you.

One thing I like about Vietnam Cupid and the other sites is that they advertise widely in Asia. As a result they’ve done a really good job of attracting top quality Asian women. Many have good jobs, a good level of education and a reasonable standard of living. As a result, they’re less likely to be marrying as a way out of poverty or just for the money.

On the downside, well there are plenty of scammers on the Cupid Media sites, and they target both men and women. Thankfully the site operators are quite responsive if you report some suspicious activity. But at the end of the day, remember that preventing yourself from getting scammed is up to you. Vietnam Cupid is simply a place for making contact with and chatting to Vietnamese girls, and the site can’t be held responsible if you start sending money to people you’ve met online.

Dating Vietnamese Women

South East Asia is awash with pretty girls, so it's not hard to see why Asian brides are becoming so popular with Western men
South East Asia is awash with pretty girls, so it's not hard to see why Asian brides are becoming so popular with Western men

So what benefits are there in dating a Vietnamese woman? Vietnam dating is pretty new, but I can see these benefits:

  • Looks. Vietnamese women are in my opinion some of the hottest in all of Asia. They seem to be much better looking that Thais or Filipinas. I guess they’re pretty similar to the Chinese women from the Southern coastal Provinces like Guangxi and Guangdong.
  • Mild temperment. Well I’ve dated a number of Chinese women I’ve met on Vietnam Cupid’s sister site Chinese Love Links. To be perfectly honest a lot of them have been snappy and quite fierce at times. Cantonese girls from the Southern Provinces tend to be much milder. Vietnamese women are also known for a more laid back temperment.
  • Low cost of living. Take it from me, it often takes longer to find an Asian wife than you ever thought possible. So you may need to factor in many visits to Asia before you find your ideal match. So it goes without saying that you should look for a foreign bride in a country with a low cost of living. Thankfully you’ll find that your US dollars or other foreign currency goes a longway in Vietnam.
  • Booming economy. Vietnam has come a long way since the Vietnam war. Vietnam’s economy is booming, and should do well over the next few decades. It’s also growing in importance as an international destination. In fact I read recently that Vietnam has now gained direct flights from London’s Heathrow Airport, meaning that this should do wonders for the Vietnamese tourist trade from Europe.

On the downside, it’s worth bearing in mind that Vietnam is a developing country. Transport infrastructure is generally poor, so don’t fall in love with a girl then find out it takes a 12 hour bus journey for you to go and meet her!

You might also find that good English speaking women are hard to come by, and Vietnamese is not an easy language to try learning.

Other Ways of Finding Vietnam Brides

There are plenty of other online dating sites where you can find Vietnamese girls to chat to. The sites tend to focus exclusively on Vietnamese women, or they have women from a wider range of Asian countries.

One other dating site which, like Vietnam Cupid, focuses exclusively on Vietnamese dating is Saigon Darlings. There is a good selection of Vietnamese brides on this site, though it lacks the sophisticated searching and matchmaking features of Vietnam Cupid.

As to the sites with many Asian nationalities on them, you might like to try:

There is also a site called iDateAsia. Since this is a pay per contact site I hesitate to recommend it, especially given the amount of money I ended up spending on its sister site Chnlove.

So if you’re interested in Vietnamese women, or you want an alternative to dating Chinese or Thai women, then Vietnam Cupid is well worth a look.

Have you had any experiences with VietnamCupid or other Vietnamese or Asian dating sites? Are Vietnamese mail order brides the next big thing? Leave your comments below.

2 thoughts on “Vietnam Cupid – Vietnamese Women Dating

  • April 10, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    Contacted a few on Vietnamcupid. Site is well done. Got one in Da Nang who immediately sent a bank swift number. Another in Dalat who asked for $1300 to fix a wall (kind of a lot of loot there). Heard nicely from one in particular in HCM. Wrote and called for awhile, finally went to see her. “No man in 22 years”… hmmm. Moved me in right now. Wanted to “lam Vo” (make wife). Gave her some goodies, she said “I don’t want things, I only want you”. Thought this to be it… everything good. Three weeks in phone rang 5AM (after a wake up session with this woman who “chet neu Em mat Anh” (die if I lose you”). It’s some other guy- she says Anh (you for a guy), her age, days off. I get sore, ask her who- she says a friend. 5AM? A friend who doesn’t know age and days off… at 5AM, right.
    A week earlier had asked for a credit card to show friends I care for her. Then wanted number. Changed tune from stay 3 months here with her to go in a week, taking her to US to marry on visitor visa (a no-no, BTW, with the government). Working new guy and showed me door. Took the Longines back from table, she looked for it and quipped “Re” (cheap). I guess wants either you or things, not both. She’s got diamond wedding rings she said her son bought her…

    Um, right.

    News from neighbors to 22 years bit… one “b…s…!”, others “noi doi” (lie). actually has had several gentlemen callers… Did have an extra toothbrush in the cup which she threw out when moving me in- I don’t know why to change it right then…

    Photos she sends are old, glamshots (at 40, she says, now 51). Using concurrently, a local facebook thing, to hook up with locals. Found five different screen names when fixing her laptop. Thanh Luong Hoang (Thaolinh).

    I’d watch out. These are international folks, in a land where hookups are cheap and barebacking the rule (as I hear, only had the one). They shamelessly set up with others right in front of you, especially if they think you don’t get the lingo. Always say in person how good they are. Friends say how good they are. Then you get to see how good they really are. Everything forever. Next in line, please (and be careful once they’re in States, at least. Mags have “ket ban” section where the ones you brought in can matchmake on the side or after they dump you. Happened to a friend.) Pretty shameless.

  • May 23, 2012 at 7:54 am

    Talk about women’s intuition!

    I just returned from Vietnam, where I met a few ladies I found through Vietnamcupid.

    I like the site, though of course there’s no way to verify that you aren’t getting someone shady, just as you can’t be sure here at home until you’ve been with with them awhile (even then, I hear the stories…).

    One I met seems independently wealthy, lives out in the industrial q12 HCM, says her family’s rich in AU. Saw her a few times, then she just sort of fizzed off with no word. Stays at home with her sis and watches TV all day.

    The latest is across town in q9, really pretty rich suburb as they seem to look. Has connections, claims lots of loot, has a lux old Chinese style house out a little farther. Says she went bankrupt when husband #2 took her for 3 mil and ran back to France. Says busy with some company and the government for work, but I saw her just sitting watching TV each time…

    The background heads here-
    I spoke with both on a Viet phone # I used while there. I’m now back in the States on my US cell, the mobi doesn’t work here. I gave this # to the last one to keep in touch- she has US visas in her pp, don’t know from whom (says business), but wants me to ticket her over…

    I fell out of touch with the first one while still over there- so why, just now, after I get several texts from the latest one (after a few days of her disappearing someplace)… why did I just get a call from the first one, on the US line, who doesn’t have this # at all?

    Is there some network thing going on between them on that site?


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