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If you think of mail order brides then the first countries that might pop into your head are Russia and Thailand. Sure, Eastern European and Asian mail order brides have been popular for many years. But there’s now increasing interest in finding foreign ladies from Central and South America.

AmoLatina is one of the many Latin dating sites that have been set up to cater for men seeking Latin mail order brides. The site is very much aimed at the Western gentleman seeking a foreign wife from Latin America.

So is AmoLatina a good choice if you want to find a Latin wife, and what are the alternatives?

AmoLatina Mini Review

I’ve come across a couple of sites that look very similar to AmoLatina. In fact, it operates the Anastasia Date Russian dating site as well as the Asian Beauties Asian dating site.

AmoLatina has ladies from a wide range of countries. The website operators claim that there are over 5000 ladies listed on the site. I had a look for ladies in my 27 – 36 age range and I found 441 Brazilian ladies, 756 Colombian ladies, 108 Ticas from Costa Rica, 106 Dominican girls and 382 Peruvian women. There are smaller numbers from other Latin countries, including 15 ladies from Argentina. Strangely there are only 3 Mexican senoritas listed.

Latin women are becoming as popular as Russian or Asian brides, and you can meet thousands of them on AmoLatina
Latin women are becoming as popular as Russian or Asian brides, and you can meet thousands of them on AmoLatina

So there’s a pretty good selection on offer. AmoLatina is best for Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian women. These tend to be the main countries from which American men look for Latin brides these days.

I’m actually looking for a foreign bride myself, and I’ve visited quite a few Asian ladies. Take it from me, as somebody who has dated a number of Chinese and Japanese women, you don’t want to make life harder for yourself by trying to have a relationship with a girl who speaks little English.

So on AmoLatina, the girls in my age range included 3 fluent English speakers, 69 advanced, 210 intermediate and 310 with basic English knowledge. Note that this doesn’t seem to be based on any internationally agreed standard, so it’s always worth taking English skill with a pinch of salt. The good news is that I’ve managed to meet and date ladies with just basic high school English – it’s tough going at times but Spanish or Portuguese aren’t too difficult to learn if you’re an English speaker, and your chosen lady should be able to pick up English pretty quickly as well.

As to the ladies themselves, there’s a pretty good selection of ladies on AmoLatina. One thing to be wary of is that the site really goes in for the heavily airbrushed studio photos that make ladies look unnaturally flawless and sometimes 10-20 years younger than their true age. Before you fly to Rio or Bogota to meet a girl you’ve seen on the site, be sure to insist on her sending more natural snapshots of herself. Another top tip is to insist on a webcam session – webcams aren’t very flattering and if a Latina looks good on webcam then she’ll look great in real life!

Yikes, this is an Expensive Site…

One major issue I have with AmoLatina is that it’s such an expensive dating site to use. Take live chat. This costs you 1 credit per minute you chat to one of their members online. By comparison I’ve chatted to Chinese girls all day on QQ, Skype or MSN and it’s cost me nothing at all (except some wasted time!).

It also costs credits (and hence real money) to send an email to a lady through the site. I’m really not a fan of these letter writing sites at all. Sure, they are a way of communicating with ladies who don’t have good English skills. But there are enough Latinas with reasonable English skills to be able to make it unnecessary to require a translator.

Other than that, the site is quite tricky to use sometimes because the layout is confusing. I also hate the popup chat windows that keep on appearing. You also need to register to see the full profiles on the site.

AmoLatina Scams

Since the ladies on the site are provided by marriage agencies, then there shouldn’t be any African dating site scammers on there. They should also hopefully weed out the worst of the money lookers.

The main problem with AmoLatina is the business model it uses. Since you’re paying to send an email to a lady, this encourages fraudulent activity through the site. How do you know the ladies are real? I’m not implying that there are fake profiles on this site, but then again how can I prove that all the ladies are real?

Anyway, if you do have any evidence of AmoLatina scams or frauds then leave comments below.

Rather than scams, my main issue is that this type of site makes it expensive to look for a Latin wife. It takes a lot of effort to find the ideal bride for you, and if you have to pay to email each lady you’re interested in then you can quite quickly rack up a lot of expenses. Personally I spent over $400 on a Chinese dating site called Chnlove. I subsequently discovered that for $165 I could join Chinese Love Links for an entire year, and once I’d paid that I could email every single woman on the site!

Other Services Offered by AmoLatina

AmoLatina offers a range of services that you might find useful. You can send ladies real gifts and virtual gifts through the site. I’m not a huge fan of these services as they can be pretty expensive. It can also appear more thoughtful if you choose your own gift and post it yourself. Be wary of sending expensive gifts through the post, and never send money!

AmoLatina's Anastasia Singles Tours are a great way to experience Brazilian culture!
AmoLatina's Anastasia Singles Tours are a great way to experience Brazilian culture!

AmoLatina also offers romance tours. At the time of writing these were offered for Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Brazil. The Colombian tour takes in Bogota or Medellin. The Brazilian singles tour offers Belo Horizonte. Finally, the Dominican trip is based around Santo Domingo.

Romance tours are pretty expensive, but you do get to meet a lot of ladies. I’d particularly recommend romance tours for Latin America, as it’s generally not as safe to visit as either Eastern Europe or Asia. Asia is very safe, and I’ve never had any problems visiting ladies in China or Japan.

AmoLatina’s Anastasia tours are quite expensive, so you might want to shop around with other romance tour providers. LoveMe do a lot of Latin tours, but they’re mainly to Colombia and Peru. Latin Affairs do a Dominican tour, and if you want a Dominican mail order bride then they’re a good place to check out.

So AmoLatina is quite a good dating site, but the romance tours are a good alternative to the scary world of Latina mail order brides and online dating. If you want a more affordable Latin dating site then LatinAmericanCupid is worth checking out. Cupid Media operate this site, as well as a whole range of country specific sites. These include Dominican Cupid, Colombian Cupid, and Brazil Cupid.

If you have any interesting things to say about AmoLatina or Latina brides in general then I’d be honored if you’d leave your comments below!

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