Latin American Cupid – The Best Place for Latin Brides?

Latin American Cupid is a Latin dating site aimed at the singles market in Latin America. If you’re a guy looking for a Latin mail order bride then it’s a site that’s well worth a look. The site has a huge number of girls on it. The ladies are largely from Peru, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. But it’s possible to find women from a huge range of countries throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean. There are also a few members from Spain and Portugal.

Latin American Cupid has an ethnically and culturally diverse membership
Latin American Cupid has an ethnically and culturally diverse membership

The site is available in a number of languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. You’ll find that the more mail order bride type of ladies don’t often speak a great deal of English. However, neither of these languages are as challenging for an English speaker to pick up compared to Russian or Mandarin Chinese. The English speaking ladies on the site tend to be from the middle classes of Latin society. They often have reasonable jobs, and a fairly good standard of living in their own countries. In fact you’ll probably be surprised at the quality of woman on Latin American Cupid. I know that on its sister site Chinese Love Links I’ve chatted to TV presenters, business women and even women with MBA’s and doctorates.

Ethnically the site’s membership is very diverse. If you’re interested in interracial dating then Brazil or the Dominican Republic are worth considering. The good thing about the Dominican Republic is that it’s not too far to travel from the USA, and that even if your dates with beautiful Dominican women don’t work out then you can have a fantastic vacation in a tropical paradise.

As far as the girls go, there are tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) to choose from. A quick search revealed 867 profiles of Costa Rica women in my preferred age range. It would take me a long time to work my way through this list.

Latin American Cupid Reviews

Personally if I was searching for a Latin bride then I’d be happy to use Latin Cupid. The membership fee is affordable. There are dozens of very beautiful girls on the site. The numerous testimonials show that it is possible to find love on this site.

Join the carnaval with membership of the Latin American Cupid dating site
Join the carnaval with membership of the Latin American Cupid dating site

The bad reviews you see of Latin American Cupid are mostly concerned with the problems of dating site scammers (more on this below). In my mind the site doesn’t do a huge amount to clamp down on the scammers. Most scammers will only appear to be removed if they’ve been reported, and more often than not this could mean they’ve already scammed somebody. I guess until dating sites make government issued ID mandatory then scammers will always be a problem.

The site only allows members to upload a few small photos of themselves which sometimes makes it hard to decide if you like somebody. Since most members add their own details to the site you’ll find that members have put different amounts of effort into writing their profiles. It can sometimes be hard to work out the meaning behind the broken English or Spanglish.

Another gripe about the Cupid dating sites is that many have a lot of old profiles on them. I’d agree with this – it’s annoying to find a lady you like the look of and then find out she hasn’t signed into the site for 9 months.

Latin American Cupid Scams and Scammers

Sadly scammers are rife on pretty much all dating sites these days. Nigerian romance scams are well known, and there are all kinds of undesirables that you need to learn to recognise. Personally I find that American men can sometimes be particularly naïve about such scams. So if you’re worried then run through this check list of potential red flags:

  • New members can be more likely to be scammers, although sometimes scammers keep their accounts dormant for a while.
  • Gold or Platinum members are less likely to be scammers although sometimes they sign up with stolen credit cards. If you’re talking to a Gold or Platinum member then make sure they’ve been a member for a few months.
  • Ignore anyone who hasn’t uploaded a photo of themselves.
  • Girls who say they love you in their first email… well just stay well away from them.
  • Members with sexy photos could be scammers. However you need to bear in mind that there’s nothing wrong with posing in a thong or skimpy underwear as far as many Latin girls are concerned. In fact, the fact that they are posing like this might also mean they’re more serious about attracting a partner.
  • Scammers are usually girls in their early 20’s.
  • For me the biggest red flag is a girl who wants to chat on another site, or who doesn’t want to do a webcam session. Remember the golden rule of online dating – if you haven’t seen your girl on a webcam then she may as well not exist.

Needless to say, never send a girl money, and block anyone who asks for money (or tells you sad stories that make you want to send them money).

Alternatives to Latin American Cupid

Latin Euro is another popular Latin singles site. Despite the name which is similar to Asian Euro, Latin Euro isn’t actually associated with Cupid Media.

Sexy Brazilian women must be every man's dream wife
Sexy Brazilian women must be every man's dream wife

Latin Cupid has singles from a wide range of countries. If you’re pretty certain that you want to find a bride from a particular country in Latin America then it might be worth signing up to one of Cupid Media’s country specific sites instead. These sites include Brazil Cupid, Mexican Cupid, Colombian Cupid, Dominican Cupid and Caribbean Cupid. The good news is that all of these sites look and feel pretty much identical to Latin American Cupid. So you get the same high quality search facility and basic matchmaking facilities. The downside is that you have to sign up for a full membership to each of these sites separately. I ended up paying for both Japan Cupid and Chinese Love Links – maybe I should have stuck to a single Asian dating website!

Other sites are Latin Love Search, Latin Singles Connection, Amor Latina, Latin Date Link and Latino Dating. Whichever site you use, be wary of the pay per contact and pay per letter (letter writing) sites. These can be expensive to use, especially if you want to chat to a lot of ladies.

I’d be a little wary of travelling by myself to Latin America. Latin countries aren’t always safe with Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil and Costa Rica having their own particular hazards. For that reason I’d also consider joining a romance tour of Latin America. There’s something to be said for safety in numbers. I’m not a big fan of their dating sites, but A Foreign Affair (LoveMe) do run a number of romance tours to Latin America. Their Costa Rica tours look particularly interesting and I think this is the Latin country that would most interest me.

So Latin American Cupid is worth checking out. There’s a free standard membership plan which allows you to log in and browse the womens’ profiles on the site.

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