LatinEuro is a very popular Latin singles dating site. The site is especially popular with Western men seeking Latin mail order brides.

First of all I’d like to apologize to Cupid Media. Despite the name, LatinEuro is not one of Cupid Media’s various international dating sites that have the Euro suffix. This has confused me in the past, and it goes to show that you should always be careful with domain names, and not assume a particular domain is owned by a particular company. So Asian Euro is Cupid Media, but Latin Euro is an entirely separate outfit. Cupid Media are based in Australia, whereas LatinEuro is run from an office in Miami, USA. Incidentally, Cupid Media do have some Latin dating sites, Latin American Cupid and Colombian Cupid are two of the more popular ones.

With that out of the way, what does LatinEuro offer?

LatinEuro is a dating site that is free to join. With this particular site you have to pay to receive the contact details of a lady you like the look of. I’ll say lady, because most of the members of this site will be men looking for Latin mail order brides. But the site does also have a good number of Latin men available on it.

The LatinEuro site has a fairly basic design. There is a simple and an advanced search engine, but neither of them are as sophisticated as the search engine found in the Cupid Media sites. As well as the search facility you can see a page containing popular busty girls, bikini babes as well as Brazilian and Colombian girls. There are also pages showing the hottest guys on the site.

It costs a specific amount of money to get the contact details of a member. At the time of writing this was $13. However, there is a volume discount feature and if you pay for 100 contacts ($99) then you effectively get the addresses for just 99 cents each.

I’m not a great fan of the sites that charge you for contact details. It’s often better to use a flat rate site such as Latin American Cupid. You can sign up to this site and with Gold or Platinum membership you can contact as many members as you want.

Still, the good news is that LatinEuro don’t make it deliberately difficult to request a members details. Other sites like ForeignLadies will sprout IMBRA regulations at you and attempt to lock you into paying for their expensive services.

It’s also a good thing that LatinEuro isn’t a letter writing site like Chnlove. These sites can be very expensive if you’re sending a lot of emails to ladies you’re interested in.

One slight oddity of LatinEuro is that you can add members you’re interested to a shopping cart. I guess this may sound a little impersonal and make it feel as if you’re shopping for a husband or wife. But the system works reasonably well in that you can click on members you like the look of then sort through your shopping cart when you’ve finished browing. You can then pay to receive the contact details of the members you like the look of.

Of course if you don’t write much Spanish or Portuguese then finding love in Latin America can be hard going, especially if you’re interested in a member with poor English language knowledge. LatinEuro can supply a telephone live translation service. The service is fairly expensive but it can be worthwhile for talking to your favorite lady about important things (such as arranging to meet her).

LatinEuro for Latin Ladies

So enough about how the site works, what are the ladies on offer like? The ladies on the site are from a range of countries. Most of the women are from Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Jamaica. In particular, American men are usually most interested in Dominican girls and women from Colombia and Brazil. Obviously Mexico is another popular choice, with the country being so close to the USA and many beautiful Mexican senoritas being interested in starting a new life north of the border.

Most of the latin women on the site are aged between 20 and 40. Some of the photos are very sexy, which makes the site well worth a look on that alone. Sadly some of the photos are of pretty poor quality – I don’t know if this is poor quality snapshots of the girls or poor photo processing by the website.

LatinEuro has plenty of testimonials and success stories, but they are mainly confined to photos of the happy couples (and in a couple of cases, a baby as well).

Alternatives to LatinEuro

Latin American Cupid is another large Latin dating site and covers a wide range of countries in Central and South America. If it’s just Colombian girls that interest you then Colombian Cupid is worth a look. The site has a flat rate membership scheme that’s priced similarly to other dating sites. Likewise Dominican Cupid is good for mail order brides from the Dominican Republic, and Brazil Cupid for those sexy girls from Rio de Janeiro.

LoveMe have a good selection of Latin women on their sites. However, LoveMe is a mail order brides themed business – they don’t allow you to search for Latin husbands. LoveMe’s websites are quite expensive to use. One interesting feature of LoveMe is that they do run romance singles tours to Latin America. These might be of interest if you like the idea of meeting a lot of Colombian, Costa Rican or Peruvian ladies in person.

So LatinEuro is a reasonably priced Latin dating site. Whether you’re looking for a Latin man or woman, the site is worth a look. LatinEuro has been around for a long time, so the site is well established and there are plenty of members to choose from.

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