Bikini Brides

Sex sells, and this is as true in the world of online dating as it is anywhere else.

One particular type of dating site tactic is to lure men in with photos of ladies in bikinis.

Bikini bride sites are relatively common in the international mail order brides dating industry. Many of them are focused on the market for foreign brides from Russia and Eastern Europe. I’ve also seen bikini bride sites centred on the Latin American and Caribbean brides scene.

Men Beware!

International dating sites can be quite lucrative, although they’re no longer as profitable as you might think.

One way of maximising revenue is by charging men to send letters to exotic foreign ladies. I wish these sites would die off, but they’re still very common, and men are happily spending $500+ a month on them.

That’s some serious cash!

In some cases the women they’re writing to may not actually exist. Or if they do exist, then they’re employed as professional letter writers, working 40+ hours a week to send love letters to men they have no intention of marrying.


For this reason, I’ll always recommend that men who are serious about finding a foreign bride use a reputable site like these:

  • Elena’s Models (Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European brides)
  • Chinese Love Links (Chinese women)
  • Cherry Blossoms (Asian women from China, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines)
  • Latin American Cupid (women from South America and the Caribbean)

Some of these sites have bikini ladies on them, but generally speaking the ladies on these sites are fairly conservative in the profile photos they post.

Bikini Bride Wives

Bikini brides - every man's dream, or worst nightmare?
Bikini brides - every man's dream, or worst nightmare?

I should point out, however, that just because a woman is wearing something skimpy in her online dating profile, it doesn’t mean that she’s to be avoided.

Outside of the feminism strongholds of North America, believe it or not but there are still countries that appreciate and celebrate the female form.

One such country is the Philippines. The country a regular entrant in Miss World. Indeed they even won the contest in 2011. So the Philippines is a great place to find a bikini bride. Indeed, LoveMe feature loads of bikini beauties amongst their selection of over 4,000 single Filipino ladies.

Of course Latin American culture is not known for being reserved, and bikini brides are very common if you’re interested in finding a foreign bride from Colombia, Costa Rica or Brazil.

You can tell quite a lot about a woman from the photos she posts in her profile pic. If the photos are quite sexy, then that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In some ways it shows that she is serious about finding a partner. The free dating site OKCupid has crunched the numbers of their huge number base, and they have the figures to prove that women know how to sell themselves, especially as they age.

As far as my own dating has gone, one of my ex’s posted some pretty revealing photos on her profile. She was desperate to find a man to love her. Sadly our relationship didn’t work out. But she went on to marry a very nice man (who also happened to be extremely wealthy). Well they both got what they wanted!

So if you’re a man, well beware of bikini brides, especially where your wallet is concerned. Women with revealing profile photos aren’t always bad though – often they make the best brides of all.

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    I personally recommend Ladyboy Kisses and Filipina Ladyboys.


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    I love any woman who is older then 19 and looking for a long term relationship


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