Which is the Easiest Country to Find a Mail Order Bride?

If you’re interested in finding a mail order bride from a foreign country then which is the easiest country?

This question has a few different aspects, including:

  1. Which country is easy to travel to
  2. Which country has the largest number of women who are interested in marrying foreign men
  3. Which country has the best ladies?

Ease of Travel

It’s harder than you think to find the right foreign lady for you. Online dating can really only take you so far in a relationship – it’s essential to visit ladies in person in order to gauge if they’re suitable brides for you.

Travel problems mainly boil down to how long and difficult the journey is, and how easy it is to visit a particular country.

If you don’t like long plane journeys and you live in America then finding a Latin bride might be a good choice for you. Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean aren’t too far to travel to, and it beats a transatlantic or transpacific flight to either Eastern Europe or Asia.

Some countries make it harder for you to visit. If you want to travel to either Russia or China then you’ll need to apply for a visa before you travel. This adds extra hassle to your trip, as well as extra expense. I’ve just applied for my 3rd China visa and at around $175 a go it’s an extra expense to budget for.

Availability of Women

The internet has opened up the world of international dating. Many women in foreign countries like the idea of finding a foreign husband (and especially an American husband).

South East Asian women are particularly popular as foreign brides
South East Asian women are particularly popular as foreign brides

Men tend to find mail order brides from Latin America, Eastern Europe and South East Asia. Of course there’s also the option of Indian mail order brides, but they’re mostly popular with men who are of South Asian origins themselves.

For foreign brides from South East Asia, the popular choices are China, Thailand and the Philippines. Chinese ladies are becoming very popular, but they’re not the easiest choice of Asian bride. It’s very easy to find a mail order bride from Thailand or the Philippines. Marriage agencies like Thai Professional offer all-inclusive packages for helping you to select the best Thai bride for you and help arrange your marriage plans.

The Philippines is also a good choice for Asian bride. There are vast numbers of Filipinas on dating sites. The main hazard here is to get past the numerous scammers who are to be found on most Filipina dating sites.

As far as Eastern Europe goes, Russian brides are popular. In actual fact a lot of Russian brides are actually from Ukraine, Belarus and the other former Soviet countries. It’s perhaps most easy to find Russian brides in these former Soviet countries. Since Eastern Europe has a man shortage, there is a huge choice of ladies who are looking for foreign husbands.

Finally Latin America offers a wealth of choice. If you don’t know where to start then look at a site like Latin Euro or Latin American Cupid and check out the profiles. See which ladies appeal to you most, then find a country specific dating site like Colombian Cupid or Latin Affairs (for Dominican babes).

Best Mail Order Brides

In terms of looks I guess I’m biased when I say that Chinese women could be the most beautiful. You’ll have to take my word for this though as very few Western men have seen the stunning women in Hubei and Sichuan Provinces. Oh I am a lucky man! In Hubei even the girl in the lottery kiosk was a perfect 10. Sadly Chinese women are pretty hard to understand, so a Chinese wife isn’t the easiest foreign bride to find.

China is becoming a popular choice for men seeking foreign brides
China is becoming a popular choice for men seeking foreign brides

Thai and Filipina brides are known for their great temperaments Рassuming you can find an honest lady to be your fianc̩.

Russian brides can also make great wives, but again it’s often hard to weed out the bad ladies. But if you’re looking for a wife in any country then you’ll face much the same kind of problems.

Latin women are becoming increasingly popular as brides for American men. It’s so easy to travel there that you shouldn’t discount the ladies who are practically on your own doorstep. Hispanic women in particular will find it very easy to fit into life in the USA. I know of Chinese women who have gone to live in the USA and they sometimes really struggle with the unfamiliar food.

Finally, don’t believe that it’s easier to find a mail order bride than it is a bride from your own country. So many men have nothing but problems, from scammers to ladies who change their mind to crazy travel adventures. But looking for a foreign lady can be a lot of fun and be one of the most fulfilling things you will ever do in your life. Good luck!

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