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ForeignLadies is an online personals contacts site mainly aimed at Western men seeking mail order brides. The brides on the site are from a wide range of countries spread across the continents of Asia, Europe and Latin America. ForeignLadies is operated by A Foreign Affair (AFA) – they’re also known as LoveMe. Ladies on the site are mostly Russian, Ukrainian, Peruvian, Dominican, Colombian, Chinese and Filipino.

First of all I’ll admit I have a little bit of a soft spot for It was the first website I found when I first looked into the idea of finding an exotic foreign wife. I liked the fact that you can have a look at many ladies from different countries all on the same website. You can also see profiles without having to register first. There are some very beautiful women on this site, although I learned subsequently that many of the photos have been professionall airbrushed.

I must admit that when I first started out searching for an Asian wife, I was completely clueless about the whole thing, so ForeignLadies helped me a great deal. By looking at the ladies on the site I quickly set my heart on Chinese ladies, and I haven’t been proven wrong since.

Sadly, ForeignLadies is expensive! ForeignLadies is a letter writing site, which means you pay to send an email to a lady through the site. In fact it’s worth pointing out that ForeignLadies is extremely expensive to use. It’s a cash cow for the owners, but it will leave you feeling heavily out of pocket. There are also plenty of romance scams that can arise out of this type of site.

Since you’re going to have to pay to send a letter to a lady then the costs will quickly mount up. If you’re serious about finding a partner who is a really good match for you then you’ll have to do a lot of emailing! Here’s a rough estimate – since joining Chinese Love Links I contacted around 50 ladies. Of those I corresponded with about 20 of them for 2-3 emails, before narrowing the intial 50 down to 3-4 ladies I really liked. The bill for doing that on ForeignLadies would have been hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars. By contrast a month’s membership of Chinese Love Links is around $30.

Other services offered by ForeignLadies include the ability to meet their ladies in person. If you’re OK at arranging your own flights and accommodation then this might be worthwhile. At least this service offers the services of a translator to help you communicate with ladies you arrange to meet. But this service is expensive compared to just meeting ladies yourself on one of the flat rate fee international dating services (see below for more alternatives to ForeignLadies).


One thing that makes my blood boil is that ForeignLadies tries to hide behind IMBRA laws. IMBRA are US laws designed to stop foreign mail order brides being treated poorly once they reach the USA. The thing about IMBRA though is that it only applies to US residents. Yet ForeignLadies will just assume that non-US members have to comply with this law. Which is of course nonsense, as the US does not have legal jurisdiction over other nations.

ForeignLadies will quote IMBRA regulations at you in order to prevent you from exchanging contact details with ladies you meet on the site. Why? Because if you know how to contact the lady via email or Skype then you won’t need to pay to send emails to her on the ForeignLadies website any more.

So rest assured, ForeignLadies use IMBRA as an excuse to make more money.

Personally I would never use a dating site where I couldn’t get the contact details of a lady I met through the site. What if she was a fake lady, or she suddenly got removed from the site? Yes this is a nonsense, so luckily here are some alternatives to ForeignLadies…

Alternatives to ForeignLadies Online Dating

There are a huge number of alternatives to ForeignLadies.

The main issue I have with this site is the cost – letter writing sites are expensive. They’re also very susceptible to scams and misleading the men paying for the sites. I don’t want to cover this ground again as I’ve been there (and had my wallet cleaned out) on the Chnlove letter writing site.

Spend time in China and you'll have no problem meeting beautiful Chinese ladiesOf course the problem with not using a letter writing site is that it can be difficult to communicate with ladies who don’t speak any English. Well the solution to this is of course easy – just date the ladies who can speak and write some English. As a British guy I’m also aware that it’s now next to impossible to find a foreign bride who speaks no English – you just can’t get her a fiancé visa or marriage visa any more.

Thankfully the world has plenty of Asian, Latin and Eastern European ladies who can speak English. You’ll most commonly find then on the Cupid Media dating sites – think Russian Euro, Ukraine Date, Chinese Cupid (Chinese Love Links) and Latin American Cupid. Of course it’s also easy to find Filipinas with a reasonable standard of English, and Filipino Cupid is a good place to find them.

100% free dating is another possibility. As far as Asian ladies go, Date In Asia is a huge free Asian dating website. Screening the members for scammers, hookers and other crazy ladies takes time, but you can find some very nice Asian women on this site. Find the right lady here and you’ll make a huge cost saving compared to using

Men looking for a bride on a budget should also look at Cherry Blossoms dating for Asian mail order brides and Elena’s Models for Russian brides. Both sites have very affordable membership fees.

If you don’t like the idea of online dating then a different way of finding a mail order bride is to use LoveMe’s romance tour services. LoveMe run regular singles tours of Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Russia, Ukraine, China and the Philippines. Do a bit of research before you go and you should be able to meet some of the ForeignLadies girls while you are on the tour.

Online dating is a bit rubbish to be perfectly honest. The No.1 way to find a foreign lady is to choose where you want to find a foreign bride, then go and live there for at least 3 months. Take time off from your job, find a cheap hotel or rental apartment and go and meet ladies in person. Start by making friends in your adopted country – every Chinese lady I’ve met has known at least one other Chinese lady looking for a Western husband, so you’ll soon be able to network your way to true love.

So ForeignLadies has some nice looking ladies on it, but this site is expensive. My recommendation is to do some window shopping on this site, then go and register for one of the Cupid Media sites like Filipino Cupid or Russian Euro.

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