Mail Order Lesbian Brides

The Asian women I’ve met through marriage agencies and dating sites have been some of the most wondrous women I have ever met in my life. But why should single men have all the fun? How about gay women? Is it possible to find lesbian mail order brides for same-sex marriages?

Breaking News… Lesbian Women Are Everywhere!

Well here’s some good news if you’re a lesbian woman – it’s not too difficult to find lesbian women in any country on the planet. So whether you’re interested in Latin American, Russian or Asian women, you’ll be able to find your dream lesbian mail order bride.

One problem though is that not all countries have the kind of openness that allows gay men and women to be open about their sexuality. I’ve heard plenty of stories of Asian lesbians actually marrying men and becoming mail order brides, simply because of the cultural traditions in their own country. In fact gay men also have a hard time in Asia. Many Asian gay men will marry women and even go onto raise families. But it doesn’t alter the fact that they’re still gay.

Where to Find Mail Order Lesbian Brides

There are quite a number of mail order brides themed websites. In general they’re packed full of Russian, Asian or Latin women, and are designed to appeal to men seeking foreign brides. These sites cater solely for Western men seeking foreign brides. So it’s not worth bothering with sites such as Chnlove or Asian Beauties.

So I’ve done a bit of an investigation to try and uncover the best dating sites for finding a lesbian partner.

I’ve discounted the flirting, adult dating and short term relationship sites. These aren’t generally good places to find long term life partners. So I’ve focussed on sites where the women are more interested in forming marriages and civil partnerships.

Asian Lesbian Brides

China is a delight for heterosexual men and lesbian women alike...

Asia is a delight for heterosexual men and lesbian women alike...

I’ll start with Asia. Asian women are fantastic, and I think more lesbian women should consider finding a partner from Asia. Heterosexual men know that Asian women can make loving and devoted brides. And the misconception that Asian women are shy and submissive is wide of the mark. Chinese women often wear the trousers in a relationship – especially those from the North and East of China.

There are a wide range of Asian dating sites where it could be possible to find lesbian women. The Kisses dating sites are quite good for finding a wider range of partnership types. They’re German based sites and a bit more open to the possibility of other types of relationship. For example, they’re the only major Asian dating websites where it’s possible to search for a man, woman or ladyboy.

On Asian Kisses I found 497 women who claimed to be seeking women for relationships. How many of these are actual lesbians is hard to tell though. To be honest I don’t like this site anymore – it got redesigned and the new design makes it very hard to use.

DateInAsia is another site that’s good for seeking partners for non-standard heterosexual relationships. Sadly the search engine on this site is very basic, and the site has no concept of a woman wanting to search for another woman. This site is free though, and if you’re willing to spend a few hours searching on the site then you can find some interesting members.

The Cupid dating sites are popular with men seeking Asian mail order brides. is one of their most popular sites. So I searched for women seeking women on the site, and it didn’t seem to show many lesbian women. Maybe you need to register as a woman first. The site has free membership, but you need to pay if you want to contact the other free members on the site (most of whom are the Asian women). There are definitely gay men on Asian Dating though, so there should be lesbian women as well.

If you know which country you want to find a partner from then Cupid Media also run a whole load of other Asian dating sites. Chinese Love Links, Thai Love Links and Filipino Cupid are three of the most popular.

So Asian lesbians do exist, but they’re not particularly easy to find.

Russian and Latin Lesbian Brides

The majority of Russian dating sites are aimed at American and Canadian men seeking Russian mail order brides. Sites like Elena’s Models have no facility where you can specify that you’re a woman seeking a woman.

Russian and Ukrainian women are another great choice of foreign life partner

Russian and Ukrainian women are another great choice of foreign life partner

I didn’t have much luck finding Latin lesbian mail order brides either. Latin Euro is a great Latin dating site if you’re a man. But strangely if you use the advanced search facility to specify that you’re a woman seeking a woman, then you get shown some very attractive busty Latinas, but they’re most definitely seeking men. Of course they might really be lesbian and just seeking a man for a green card, but that’s just one of the many hazards a man seeking a foreign bride will face.

To be honest the mainstream mail order brides sites seem like a bit of a dead loss for finding lesbian women. A better option might be to head for a lesbian niche dating site like Pink Cupid or PlanetSappho. Use a site with a large member base and you’re sure to find a woman of an ethnicity you find appealing. Pink Cupid is great because you can search on nationality and race.

One word of warning with foreign dating though. There are many scammers on dating sites, and scammers can be both male and female. So if you are looking for love overseas, then make sure you’re as well read up about romance scams as men seeking foreign brides are. Women are particularly vulnerable to scammers, since women tend to fall quite easily for the sad stories that scammers often make up in order to tug at your heart strings.

By the way, if you do find a good lesbian dating site with plenty of nice foreign women, then leave your hot tip in the comments section below…

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11 Responses to “Mail Order Lesbian Brides”

  1. Hello! This was posted in 2011, have you by any chance found anything now? I’d really love to find a lesbian girl! If you have any info, I’d appreciate it very much 🙂

    • Hi Femme,

      Since I wrote this I went to live in China, Thailand and Malaysia for a year so I did plenty of dating research!

      I’ve also found out that the Cupid dating sites are kind of OK for same sex hookups. You need to register as a female, and change your requirements to also look for a female. Just be aware that a few Asian women do put that they’re seeking a woman, but really they mean a man (sometimes they get mixed up). Mix ups are more common on Thai Cupid/Chinese Cupid due to the language barrier.

      As far as countries go, there are gay and lesbian people in all countries of the world. But I definitely found in Asia that more people would marry the opposite sex “for appearances”.

      The best lesbian dating opportunities are to be found in larger cities, so think Tokyo, Bangkok or Shanghai.

      Western women are highly valued in Asia as English teachers and in other professions, so it’s not too hard to go there if you want to. Just remember to keep your professional and personal life separate as Asian societies are still relatively conservative.

      Good luck!

    • Did you ever have any luck Femme. I would love to have a wife, but my business makes it so women in the US only see my paycheck amount. I’m actually a very attractive butch and only 32, but end up with superficial women who end up bedding everyone when I’m away for business. I mean I don’t want one of those women who only want to be with me for money, and I don’t want a submissive wife. I just want someone to see past my government clearance and paycheck.

      • Casey, there don’t seem to be many relevant lesbian dating sites for actual relationships, much less lesbian mail order brides. Even “the gay eHarmony” seems to be full of scammers, people not looking for something serious, or girls who want to move in after the first message.
        Making meaningful, relationship minded connections online is as difficult as ever, despite this being the technology age.

        Best of luck.

      • Just wanted to say hi. HI

      • love to have one as well. dating sites not working for me. and prospects are limited here. hope you find someone that see you for you and love you

      • Where are you located? I’m in the US and having trouble finding a partner as well.

  2. My friend Maya wants a lesbian mail order bride for Christmas. How might I go about this process?

  3. Thank you so much for this article ! To have taken the time to do research and offer your insight is truly appreciated. The part about ” very attractive busty Latinas” was inspiring.

  4. I am a trans female about to undergo my bottom surgery in a little less than 9 months. I would love to find a lesbian bride to have a child with before my surgery and raise our child together Possibly even do some artificial insemination later after my surgery for more kids. Should I stick with the traditional tactics for finding a lesbian bride laid out here or try something different?

  5. Im new too this.

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