Overseas Brides – Are They Worth the Hassle?

Overseas brides – are they worth the time and hassle to find? Are you better off just finding a wife in your own town? Online matchmaking sites and agencies are doing a roaring trade in helping men find their dream partner overseas. But is it all worthwhile? Here are some reasons why finding an overseas bride is the best and worst decision you’ll ever make in your life.


When men get the idea of finding an overseas wife I’m not sure they appreciate just how expensive and stressful the whole experience is.

Finding a bride in a foreign country is expensive and time consuming
Finding a bride in a foreign country is expensive and time consuming

Let’s start with money. It costs a lot of money to find a wife in another country. If you’re using online dating then you’ve got to find somebody you like, then hope you like her when you meet her in real life. It’s kind of hard to judge chemistry online, so you really do need to meet in person. On top of that, ladies on mail order brides themed dating sites like LoveMe, Asian Beauties and AnastasiaDate tend to have heavily airbrushed photos in their profiles. This can make it hard to gauge exactly what they look like until you’ve actually seen them in person.

Finding ladies that would actually make good wives can also be a very time consuming experience. A lot of men try to save a few bucks by using a cheap or even a free foreign personals website. This can be a false economy. Sure, you may save $30, but you’ll spend hours talking to girls only to find out their scammers, or even African men!

Finding ladies who speak good English is pretty difficult as well. For some reason a lot of men seem to prefer finding foreign ladies who don’t speak much English at all. While this may make the lady seem more exotic, it can very quickly become frustrating. Women are hard to understand at the best of times, and trying to understand one who doesn’t even speak your language – well that’s pretty ambitious!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, immigration departments in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia are making it harder than ever before to secure a fiancé visa for your new bride. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but recent hoops us Brits have had to jump through to get our new foreign brides to the UK have included English language tests and the cost of a fiancé visa rising to nearly a month’s income for a part time worker or a guy on a retirement pension!

Finally, having dated quite a few foreign women myself I have to say that they’re not always better than the women you’d meet in your own town. Sure, they might look more attractive and dress better, but Asia, Russia and Latin America is also full of shopaholics, narcissists and women you shouldn’t trust one bit.

I’ll let a woman I once met in another country have the final word on the matter…

People are people whatever country they live in.


I live in the United Kingdom. The other day I walked to my local supermarket. Outside were two heavily tattooed women smoking. Inside I saw at least a dozen morbidly obese women. Hardly anyone seemed to be taking much of a pride in their appearance.

Asia is awash with pretty girls, so it's not hard to see why Asian brides are becoming so popular with Western men
Asia is awash with pretty girls, so it's not hard to see why Asian brides are becoming so popular with Western men

Fast forward a few weeks and I was on a trip to China to meet beautiful Chinese women. Two-and-a-half weeks spent in glorious Guangdong Province and I reckon I saw two women smoking, and maybe the same number of morbidly obese Chinese women. I don’t recall seeing any girls with dog paw prints tattooed across their breasts either!

Beauty is of course only skin deep, but there’s no denying that there are some very beautiful ladies on foreign matchmaking services. Many foreign ladies have delightful personalities as well. In particular, I’m impressed with the care and attention Asian ladies lavish upon men who travel to meet them. I’ve stayed in some pretty pokey hotels in China, yet the ladies I’ve visited have been on the phone to reception as soon as I mentioned that something wasn’t working properly.

People tend to think that mail order brides from developing countries are poor and uneducated. Yet most of the Asian women I’ve met have been to high school and speak good English. In fact most of the women have been to University and now have reasonable jobs in their countries. Sure, they work long and hard for pretty low salaries, but that’s more of a cultural thing.

Developing countries are also improving fast. If you can afford to work in or retire to a developing country then the age of globalization has made it easier than ever before. Living standards in countries like China, Thailand and Brazil will undoubtedly go on rising, while living standards in Western countries like the USA and UK will fall as the countries fall ever behind with the pace of global change.

So are overseas brides worth the hassle? Having met some fantastic ladies I have to say – YES, they are! Do you think looking for an overseas bride is worthwhile? Add your thoughts below…


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