Are Mail Order Brides Real? How to Find Real Mail Order Brides

Are mail order brides real, and how can you tell if a mail order bride is the real thing? This article explores the dangers of fake mail order brides, and busts some myths surrounding foreign brides.

Fake Mail Order Brides

Online dating is a competitive business, so many of the operators lure in men with sexy models on their home pages.

Sadly it’s all too easy to set up a website, steal some photos from another dating site and tout for subscriptions. If you’re choosing a foreign dating site then always go for one of the older well estalished operators. Could you tell the difference between chineselovelinks and chinalovelink for example? And Asian Euro is owned and operated by Cupid Media, but Latin Euro is an entirely different outfit altogether.

Fake profiles can appear on sites that charge you each time you want to contact a lady on the site. Often these sites charge you for a lady’s email address (which might turn out to be fake), or you can send her a letter. There’s really nothing you can do to prove that a lady exists on a letter writing site, so steer clear of these.

Fake profiles are often set up by dating site scammers. A good way of checking if the lady is real is to arrange a webcam session with her. Also try sending her a small gift, then get her to show you a photo of her holding that gift.

Don’t let stories of fake mail order brides put you off though. I’ve actually visited ladies I’ve met on sites like Chnlove and Chinese LoveLinks and they were very real!

Mail Order Bride Myths

Sadly most people’s perception of mail order brides is rarely based on the reality of the situation. The most common myth is that mail order brides are poor uneducated women from third world countries who speak no English. So here’s the reality. I’ve dated a large number of women from Asia, and I’ve chatted to even more of them online. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • I’ve dated Asian women who speak fluent English. In fact they spoke English better than many of the women in my local English town.
  • Many of the ladies I’ve talked to have had University degrees. One even had a postgraduate degree from a well known British university. How many men seeking mail order brides have degrees?
  • On so-called mail order bride dating sites I’ve seen women who have doctorates and MBA’s.
  • I’ve chatted to a few ladies with average jobs, but I’ve only ever encountered one factory worker, and no poor farm workers.
  • Asian ladies do prefer to find younger men to marry. But the laws of supply and demand simply dictate that there just aren’t enough younger men seeking foreign wives, so a foreign lady seeking a Western husband has to adjust her age range upwards.
  • In all my visits to Asia I’m impressed with how many people aren’t sitting at home watching TV, but are out trying to better themselves. You can see it in the way they dress, and the fact that so many people are starting small businesses, even if it’s just to shine people’s shoes.

I’m finding that increasing numbers of Asian women in particular are doing very well for themselves in the increasingly service based economies of the East. Much the same is also happening in Russia, and also in Latin America (both other popular places for finding mail order brides).

So while the mail order bride tag still exists, you might be surprised at the quality of lady that men can find overseas these days!

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