Which Country Has The Best Mail Order Brides?

Are you looking for a mail order bride? Obviously the most important consideration is where you’re going to find one from. In general the areas where men seek mail order brides from are:

  • Asia
  • Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Central and South America (including the Caribbean)
  • Africa

Asian Mail Order Brides

Asia is arguably the most popular place to find a mail order bride. Of all the Asian countries most mail order brides originate from China, Thailand and the Philippines. Ladies from each of these countries are very different to each other. Most men have a good idea of which country they want to find a bride from.

Filipina ladies tend to be curvy with good sized breasts. Due to the simple laws of supply and demand it’s very easy to find a much younger wife from the Philippines. A Filipina mail order bride is also a good choice if you want to find a Christian wife. Sadly there are many money scammers on Filipina dating sites, due in no small part to the fact that so many girls can write reasonable English. Sign up to DateInAsia, Filipino Kisses or Filipina Heart but take things slowly and talk to a lot of girls so you get to separate the scammers from the good and decent girls.

Thai ladies are also very popular as mail order brides. Many Thai ladies have friends and relatives with Western husbands. Consequently they have a pretty good idea of what to expect out of a marriage to a Western man. Thailand is also a great vacation destination in itself, so it’s arguably the most enjoyable place to visit when you come to meet your prospective Asian bride. On the downside there aren’t many Thai ladies that speak much English, and this can be a problem if you’re from a country like the UK that is cracking down on non-English speaking spouses.

China has a vast population of beautiful single ladies
China has a vast population of beautiful single ladies

Finally, Chinese ladies are certainly very numerous on Asian dating sites these days. Chinese ladies are often exceptionally beautiful. As someone who has been to several parts of mainland China I was just stunned at how beautiful so many of the local ladies were. In Hubei, even the lottery ticket booth girl was a perfect 10!

However, these stunning women aren’t so easy to acquire. There aren’t a huge number of English speaking ladies in China. Chinese ladies don’t also tend to want to find much older husbands. Chinese culture can also be baffling, and American men don’t always understand the importance of money in Chinese society. So finding a Chinese wife can be rewarding, but it’s not the easiest choice of an Asian bride.

Russian Mail Order Brides

Russian brides are always very popular
Russian brides are always very popular

Russian mail order brides are of course very popular. Due to the shortage of men in Russia, Western men are very popular with Russian ladies. Sadly Russian online dating has a poor reputation, with many scams operating. Always choose a reputable dating site and take great care when chatting to Russian ladies. Fortunately after a while you’ll get to recognise the typical scam lady. I’ve spent a lot of time on a Chinese dating site recently, and I generally can tell a lady’s a scammer as soon as I see her first email to me.

Despite the name it’s also worth remembering that Russian brides aren’t always from Russia. There are plenty of ladies from the former Soviet countries such as Ukraine, Moldova or Belarus. You’ll even find some Kazakhstan girls on sites like Elena’s Models and Russian Euro. A word of advice though – before you fall in love have a look in your Atlas and make sure it’s possible for you to travel to meet her!

Latin American Mail Order Brides

The attraction of Latin American women is obvious
The attraction of Latin American women is obvious

Latin American mail order brides are becoming much more popular, especially with American men. For American men there are the obvious advantages of it being not so far to travel to the region compared to Russia or Asia.

Interestingly the Latin Affairs Dominican Republic dating site reports that fewer American men are traveling to meet Dominican girls these days. So if you can afford to make the trip then you’ll have your pick of some very sexy ladies!

Other popular choices are Colombian and Costa Rican women. There are some very sexy ladies in these countries, and you’ll find them on Latin dating sites like Latin Euro, Colombian Cupid or LoveMe.

African Mail Order Brides

African mail order brides aren’t so popular as brides from the other regions of the world. But African American men often like the idea of finding a bride from a country they have connections with. Often a bride from Africa will be perceived as being less Westernised and more traditional. If you’re interested in finding a wife from Africa then be on the lookout for African dating scams. It’s often better to find a bride who is known to your friends or relatives you may have back in Africa. So get working that social network rather than relying on African dating sites.

Which ladies make the best mail order brides? I’ll leave that up to you. If you have any suggestions though, leave feedback below.

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