Young Mail Order Brides

If you’re interested in a relationship with a foreign lady, then what if you’re interested in young brides? Which are the best countries to find young mail order brides from? Here are some suggestions.

Young Russian Brides

Russian wives are very popular as mail order brides, so how easy is it to find a young Russian bride?

The good news is that it’s not difficult to find young Russian girls looking to marry Western men. In fact, if you want to find a much younger bride then you’re often better off looking for a girl from one of the former Soviet countries like Belarus or Ukraine. Ukrainian girls are especially numerous on Russian mail order bride themed personals sites.

Young Russian wives are popular with American and Canadian men
Young Russian wives are popular with American and Canadian men

A big problem if you’re interested in younger Russian brides is the fact that younger girls are far more likely to be scammers. It’s best to use a reputable site like Elena’s Models or Russian Euro. Even these sites have problems with scammers – the bad girls are kind of hard to identify since victims of dating scams tend to keep things quiet. One nice feature of Elena’s Models is that some of the girls have visited the offices of Elena’s Models, so you do at least know that these girls are real and slightly more trustworthy.

While the letter writing sites such as LoveMe, Foreign Ladies and AnastasiaDate should be free of the most obvious romance scammers, these sites have their own particular problems. The biggest issues with these sites is that they’re pretty expensive to use, as you generally have to pay each time you send a letter to a Russian girl with a profile on the site.

Young Asian Brides

Asia is probably the best place to look if you want a young mail order bride. Most Western men find Asian brides from China, Thailand, the Philippines and Japan.

It’s hard to find a much younger Japanese bride as Japanese women don’t like a big age difference between them and their husbands, so this country can probably be discounted.

Chinese girls usually prefer an older husband, but only by 3-5 years. You can find plenty of girls on Chinese Love Links or Chnlove who will happily chat to you even if you’re 10 – 20 years their senior. It’s good to be suspicious of their motives though. Some girls do prefer much older men, but they are very much in the minority.

Young Chinese ladies will astound you with their beauty, but Chinese dating is fraught with difficulties
Young Chinese ladies will astound you with their beauty, but Chinese dating is fraught with difficulties

By contrast, it’s much easier to find a Thai or Filipino girl who will be interested in marrying a man much older than herself. Women from these countries do tend to prefer older husbands. However, a bigger factor at play here is that there is simply a big mismatch between supply and demand. There are huge numbers of Thai and Filipina ladies who want Western husbands, but not enough men (particularly younger men) who want Thai or Filipino brides.

Sadly Thai and Filipina dating sites are full of scammers, and the younger girls are much more likely to be scammers compared to a mature Asian woman. If you’re an older guy you’re much more of a target for scammers – the young girls think you’re much more likely to send them money. Be aware of this. I talked to one guy who has a membership of a well known Filipino dating site, and of the 50 emails he got from girls, he reckoned 48 of them were from scammers!

Here are my two suggestions for getting round the scammers problem:

  1. If you want a younger Thai bride then try a marriage agency like Anglo Thai Introductions, Thai Professional or Thai Silk. Thai Professional has a Thai Babes section of its website with some very attractive Thai girls in the 18-26 age range. The 25-26 age range looks a particularly good age to look for as these girls will be much more mature than the slightly younger girls.
  2. Filipino scammers are very numerous. I believe this is related to the fact that because so many Filipino girls can write reasonable English they find it much easier to write to foreigners asking for money. As the cost of living in the Philippines is low, a few men sending them just $50 a month can be a very lucrative source of income for a Filipina. To get round the scammers issue I would look for a company offering a Philippines romance tour. AFA (LoveMe) offer regular singles romance tours of cities including Cebu and Davao City. On these tours you’ll get to meet dozens of lovely Filipinas. Sure, they might not be honest. But if you’re contemplating marriage, that’s a problem you’ll face wherever you look for a wife. At by meeting them on the romance tour you know that they really exist, and you can get to check out their body language for clues as to whether they’d really make good wives.

So if you’re interested in young mail order brides then there are a world of possibilities out there. Generally it’s safer to find a more mature lady closer to your own age range. But I’ve heard plenty of stories of men choosing the safe option and running into difficulties. So if you want a younger bride, then by all means take the risk. But just acknowledge that it is a risk, albeit a risk that is often well worth taking!

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