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Korean Cupid is a Korean dating site. The site is operated by Cupid Media. They have a wide range of Asian dating sites, including Chinese Cupid, Thai Love Links and Japan Cupid.

Korean Cupid’s Korean dating service is aimed at men and women looking for heterosexual partners, there aren’t really any facilities for gay Asian dating. When you join you can specify if you’re interested in finding friends, pen pals or marriage partners. It’s important to bear in mind that

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you don’t have to be Korean to join. Most members are Korean men and women looking for partners who are also Korean. There are large numbers of Korean people living in America, Canada, Western Europe and Australia, so if you’re looking for a Korean partner then this site widens the potential number of dates considerably.

Korean Cupid is also popular with Western men seeking Korean ladies for marriage.

Modern Japan and South Korean are great places to find cute Asian women
Modern Japan and South Korean are great places to find cute Asian women

While you can join for free, to get the best out of this dating site a paid subscription is essential. Both Gold or Platinum membership will get you more attention. Sign up for annual membership and there’s a significant cost saving compared to monthly membership. If you’re a man then forget standard membership – not many Korean ladies are going to be impressed with a man who can’t even afford a dating site subscription.

Korean Cupid has some pretty good facilities. The search engine is excellent. If you see a member you like the look of then you can chat to them with instant messaging or send them emails. There aren’t really any chat rooms as such.

One good thing about Korean Cupid is there aren’t so many scammers on this site as there are on the mail order bride themed sites that attract thousands of less well off Asian women to join. It’s not that likely that you could be scammed by a Korean person on this site. However, bear in mind that African dating site scammers have infiltrated most dating sites, so before you fall in love too much with the Korean person you’ve met on this site, take time to check that they are actually Korean and who they say they are (webcams are useful for this). From my experiences with other Cupid Media sites, I’ll also suggest that when using Korean Cupid you:

Avoid members without photos in their profiles.
Don’t chat to members who ask you if you can talk on another site.
Avoid members who are much younger than you are – you won’t find many Korean girls who are interested in men 10 or more years their senior, so if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

As far as site reviews go, opinion is pretty favorable about Korean Cupid. Obviously some people have problems with scammers, but scams are just a part of internet dating, and scammers are on pretty much all dating sites.

Dating Korean Women

Korean girls are cute and they have a reputation for being probably the best of all the Asian ladies. Korean KPop groups are becoming increasingly popular in Asia, especially in China. So it’s not surprising that many men like the idea of finding a Korean mail order bride.

It must be stated however that both Japan and South Korea are much more expensive to visit than other Asian countries. The economies of these countries mean that Korean ladies don’t usually need to marry men for economic reasons, so there isn’t much of a mail order brides business in Korea. Actually that’s not quite true – due to the shortage of women in Korea increasing numbers of Korean men have chosen to search for mail order brides in the Philippines, China and Thailand.

Alternatives to Korean Cupid

For international Korean dating, about the nearest alternative to Korean Cupid is Korean Friend Finder. This site is worth a look, but just be wary of Korean women who are more interested in learning English than finding a Western husband. If you’re looking for a Korean American man or woman then it might be worth looking at more mainstream dating sites such as Match.com or eHarmony. Plenty of Fish is also popular, but that tends to attract members who are more interested in casual relationships.

Korean ladies aren’t very numerous on Asian dating websites, especially those aimed at the mail order brides scene. It’s maybe worthwhile having a quick look at Cherry Blossoms dating, AsianDating.com or Date In Asia. A word of warning though – it’s my experience that many of the “Korean” and “Japanese” women on these sites are actually Filipinas who are either living in one of these countries or who have incorrectly stated their country or nationality.

Japanese dating is an alternative to Korean dating
Japanese dating is an alternative to Korean dating

Japan is probably the nearest alternative to finding a wife from South Korea. Cupid Media also run a Japanese personals site – Japan Cupid. There are some good ladies on this site (and not that many scammers), although finding a Japanese wife isn’t that easy. Incidentally, some Japanese women who have Korean heritage can find it harder to find husbands who are Japanese – these ladies sometimes look for Western husbands.

If you like the appearance of Korean women then the most obvious place to look for a wife is China. China has a vast population and there are many Chinese ladies on Asian dating websites. Try Chinese Cupid or Chinese Kisses dating sites. Hong Kong Cupid or Singapore Cupid are good places to find professional Asian ladies. Of course Chinese and Korean cultures and language are completely different. However, if you like hot Korean food then you might find Chinese Sichuan, Hunan or Hubei food right up your street. And Korean culture is increasingly popular in mainland China.

So Korean Cupid is worth a look. However, you won’t find many Korean mail order brides on this site, so it’s best to think of an alternative plan.

If you’ve got anything to say about Korean women dating, then leave your thoughts below.

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