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Ladyboy Kisses is one of the few websites that allows you to find ladyboys to date rather than just chat to them or have short term encounters.

Many of the ladyboy websites are a little shady in their intentions. The good thing about Ladyboy Kisses is that it’s a legitimate dating site. The site is owned and operated by the same company that runs the very popular Asian Kisses dating site. Asian Kisses is most popular for men seeking Asian mail order brides. However, it allows you to search for ladyboys on the site, which is something sites like Asian Dating and Cherry Blossoms dating don’t.

Presumably the success of the ladyboys section of Asian Kisses persuaded the site’s operators to open Ladyboy Kisses as a standalone ladyboy dating site.

There is increasing interest in ladyboys as mail order brides. Most developed countries now have good anti-discrimination policies so wanting to marry a ladyboy and live with her in your own country shouldn’t present too many legal challenges when it comes to applying for a visa.

So is Ladyboy Kisses worth using?

Cute ladyboys are waiting to chat to YOU on the Ladyboy Kisses dating site!

Cute ladyboys are waiting to chat to YOU on the Ladyboy Kisses dating site!

Ladyboy Kisses and Asian Kisses are very popular sites. They are especially popular with German men seeking Asian partners. Although Ladyboy Kisses has shemale members from a wide range of countries, the majority are from Asian countries. Sadly there aren’t too many transsexuals from other countries, and at the time of writing there were only six Brazilian ladyboys listed on the site.

Personally I find the Kisses dating sites to be quite basic compared to the Cupid Media sites (e.g. Thai LoveLinks, Filipino Cupid). The search engine of Ladyboy Kisses is quite basic, and there are pretty limited matchmaking capabilities.

The profile display features are quite good however. What’s particularly useful is that members can specify their life priorities in their profile. I’ve tripped up on this a couple of times when dating Asians I’ve met on other sites. So on Ladyboy Kisses you can see if a member has the same priorities towards sex, family and traveling as you do.

Obvious a big concern with online dating is the issue of scams and scammers. Ladyboy dating is particularly hazardous. Ladyboys often work in the Asian entertainment industry, so they become very good at parting men from their money. Since many ladyboys need to spend a lot of money on looking fabulous, scamming men out of money is an obvious source of income.

The main thing to remember is that scammers on any dating site are primarily looking for money. So don’t send money and you won’t get scammed – it’s as simple as that. Beyond this though you have to be realistic and realize that it can be hard to build up a trustful relationship with a ladyboy. If you’re serious about finding a ladyboy lover then it’s usually a far better idea to move to Thailand or the Philippines, or failing that to live there for a few months while you find a long term marriage partner.

Thai Ladyboy Dating

Ladyboys are common in Thailand and it’s not surprising that most men think about this country when they’re interested in ladyboys. Here’s more about actually dating ladyboys in Thailand: Geek Dates Ladyboy.

The majority of the katoey on the site are from Thailand’s entertainment cities of Bangkok and Pattaya. However, Thai katoey are starting to get a fair amount of competition from their Filipino sisters…

Filipino Ladyboy Dating

Thailand remains a favorite place for men seeking exotic oriental ladyboys

Thailand remains a favorite place for men seeking exotic oriental ladyboys

Many men are starting to think that Thailand is becoming over-commercialized, so the Philippines is becoming increasingly popular as an entertainment destination. Sadly the Philippines government hasn’t made it especially attractive to retire there, but hopefully that will change in coming years.

If you’re interested in meeting Filipino ladyboys then Ladyboy Kisses is a good site to use. There are many Filipino transsexuals on this site.

A big advantage of the Filipino ladyboy is that it’s easier to find an English speaker compared to Thailand. And even if you fall for one who doesn’t speak great English, then learning the common Filipino languages of Tagalog and Cebuano is vastly easier than grappling with Thailand’s tonal language.

So if you’re curious about the ladyboy dating scene, then Ladyboy Kisses is well worth a look. There aren’t currently too many alternatives for ladyboy dating. Asian Kisses may be worth a look. Meet Ladyboy is another popular site. And Asian Love Connections has a search facility and other special features for ladyboy Asian dating.

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  1. This is very informative. Once I have found my ideal ladyboy wife, how can I get her to the United States? What are the laws like in Thaiwan or the Philippines? The laws here are changing every day (yay!), so that old Jimbo Smithers can get hitched to a hottie, so my family can relax about me spending so much time alone on the internet, or wandering around the public park. But I’m assuming there’s a lot of paperwork to fill out? Also, I am really looking for a Tai ladyboy: do I have to learn Taiwanese? Or are these sites in English, my native tongue, heh heh. Thanks for the great info.

    Jimmy Smithers

  2. I am a Thai Ladyboy Lover! Is there one who is interested in Thai Ladyboys may contact me for having fun together?

    • Hi Dehan,
      My name is Glenn from Sydney Australia i am a young looking 54yo who is loooking for a ladyboy for a commited relationship i am looking to go over in July 2012, so if you are interested or maybe one of you friends might be interested please let me know if you would like to meet .
      Cheers Glenn

    • Dehan, send me a line. I am a USA guy who gets to Thailand 2-3 times a year. Love to hear from you.

    • hi I’m looking for a ladyboy to write and get to know. I’m 22 male I don’t smoke drink socially love to caudle.

    • Hey. If Ur still looking email me. I’m available and looking

  3. I am a Thai Ladyboys Lover and if you’re a Ladyboy Lover then lets keep touch.

  4. I am Presently working as a contract surgeon. I believe my kind nature often transcends into being “generous to a fault,” I enjoys playing golf, I also admits to a quirky sense of humour, which made it very easy on the day of my personal interview with Dating Experts, I admitted that distance will not be a berries to my search for a true companionship……….If you know you a lady with good attitude please contact me!
    Dr. Rudolph

  5. A Word of caution here guys. I have tried ladyboykisses and i am serious doubting that there are honest ladyboys there.

    I have met a lot scammers there be it Thai or phil. I have decided to drop my search. I guess the only way you can find a honest Ladyboy is to go to Thailand and live there. Then you a have a real possiblity to jugde the person you meet.

    I know it is not a option for most people. So i guess that just have to give up on that dream and go on with your life. Take my advice if you succede in meeting a honest person you are lucky beond imagination.

    When my subscription run out i will not renew it. I have totally dumped the idear to find a Ladyboy on a dating site.. it aint gonna happen.

    If you want pursue that path i recomend that you go to Phuket and be a regular sexturist. Then you wont be scammed and get your moneys worth.

    Dont fall for the lure of singing sirens.

    • Hey John,

      Thanks for the heads up on that site(ladyboy kisses)did you have any luck when you went to Thailand.I am a Aussie guy 54yo and would like to meet a ladyboy,i am thinking about going in July sometime but only can go for 7 days (long enough to get an idea?)seeing that i can only go for a short time can you give me an idea where to go and what to look out for,this would be a great help deal,hope you can respond and give me some help.

      Cheers Glenn (Sydney)

    • hi john , im looking for a serious relationship hope i can seek here .. then i will not make promise but i will do it that i will love my future husband with all my heart with no doubts and problem .. im a good one and i want a honest partner too … then hope we can chat and know each other .. try to know me then i will assure you that you will be happy to me with no lie involve

  6. i wil like meet some asina shemales, i am here in know any site.please let me know.

  7. hi guys im chloe a very sweet and romantic ladyboy but i have a naughty side too..if your interested plz do call me – i’m from cebu city philippines 🙂

  8. Free Asian ladyboy dating is now available at

    Take a look!

  9. Our Commander In Chief, President Obama;Has just openned the door for legal same sex marriage… Now is the PERFECT time to Meet, Fall in love and Marry a beautiful Asian Lady-Boy…
    Oh baby, I’ve searched to world over for yoiu… Which oneof you lovely ladies is looking for a HUSBAND???

  10. only i can say is hope i can find here my man of my dreams.. he must be open minded; sweet and thoughtful person and i be a loving partner to him

  11. i hope i can find someone i will ove even if im a ladyboy .. ashlee here

  12. Hi to all
    I am a ladyboy from Philippines. If I have to be honest ladyboykisses has biggest dadatabse of ladyboys. It just that it hasn’t changed since it was created. A little redesign more dedicated to users, won’t be redundant.

    I’ve heard about this website that will be something very different and unique. It is developed my some American guys ex – Facebook employees. Let’s hope it will be really something good.

    Anyways, as being ladyboy I am very happy now that website exclusively for TS are starting to appear

    • Thanks Aliana,

      Well let’s hope the site is nice when it opens, but it might take them years to get as many members as LadyboyKisses.

      In the meantime my own site Asian Love Connections is a great place to find guys who are interested in meeting ladyboys. Plus it’s still got 100% free membership!

  13. The guy above is wrong! Ladyboy Kisses IS legit. I found my dream lady there. I also did encounter the scam types. The red flag is when they ask for money. I dropped each as they did. My lady never did. Get it?

    \Las Vegas\\

  14. hi all i live in Suffolk and i am looking 4 my sexy shemale wife if u r out there phone me!

  15. Hello. I am looking for another ladyboy to spend my life with. Desperation is growing…

  16. I love Asian shemales xx

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