How to Find Mail Order Husbands

Many men like the idea of finding mail order brides. But what about mail order husbands? Is it possible for a woman to find love overseas in the same way a man can?

Thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier to find love in a foreign country. While many internet dating sites like Chnlove or Foreign Ladies cater for the mail order brides industry, there’s an increasing number of sites where it’s possible to meet foreign men as well.

The mail order brides industry is lucrative. A big part of the reason is simply due to the fact that in most cultures, men are expected to do more chasing of women, and this includes paying for membership of a dating site or paying for bride catalogs. On many sites the women can simply sign up for free and wait for dozens of men to contact them.

The growing economies of developing countries mean that increasing numbers of men in these countries are also turning to the internet to find love and romance. While there are many ladies who dream of a Western husband riding in on a white horse, plenty of men in these countries also dream of finding a wealthy and successful lady from a Western country.

How to Find a Mail Order Husband

There generally aren’t really any mail order husband businesses specifically set up for that purpose. Likewise you can’t order a husband by a catalog and wait for him at your local airport. But there are a number of online dating sites where you can meet foreign men for long term relationships and marriage (as well as casual flings). Popular sites include the Cupid Media sites. There are a large number of these. If you’re interested in Central or South American men then try Latin American Cupid, or the country specific sites such as Colombian Cupid or Dominican Cupid. There’s also the popular Latin Euro site which is full of hunky Latin hombres.

Looking to other countries, obviously men are very interested in Russian mail order brides. Russian mail order husbands are somewhat rarer. Sadly many Russian men are heavy drinkers, and this combined with other lifestyle issues means that male life expectancy is low in Eastern Europe – this is one reason why so many Russian women look for Western husbands.

Likewise there aren’t many Western women who are interested in Asian men. But if you are then the chances of finding a rich and handsome Asian man are pretty high. Just log on to a site like Japan Cupid, Hong Kong Cupid or Singapore Love Links and you’ll no doubt get a lot of interest from men.

Problems With Mail Order Husbands

By all means sign up to an international dating site and have a good look at the men on offer. But a word of warning – there are some pretty bad men on dating sites. Here’s the types of men you need to avoid at all costs:

Tightwads. Believe it or not there are plenty of men who like the idea of finding a wife from another country, but they don’t even have the $30 it costs for a month’s dating site subscription. Sure, if you’re interested in meeting a hunky guy from a developing country then he might not be able to afford the site. But men from wealthier nations, yeah they should be able to afford $30. And if you’re marriage minded, then stay away from the free dating sites as well. Invariably these are full of men and women looking for casual flings or affairs, and they like the fact that the free site won’t show up on their credit card statement like a pay site might do.

Scammers. Yes there are dating site scammers on most dating sites, and internet dating scams are on the increase. Be very wary of men who tell you sad stories, as they’ll play with your emotions in an attempt to get you to send them money. I’ve talked to women who have been contacted by these types of guys. Sad stories usually involve the man being a single parent, or he might claim to be a foreign aid worker. For what it’s worth, never date foreign aid workers, and be very careful with men in countries where internet fraud is rife (Western African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana being two of the most problematic).

Weirdos. If the dating site allows it then block any man who wants you to do sexy stuff on webcam. Invariably he’ll be married, and he just wants to get a free show rather than pay for a webcam chat site. From the ladies I’ve spoken to on dating sites, I’ll say that there are a lot of these men. What disturbed me most was that one of the foreign ladies I used to chat to thought that this was normal American male behavior.

Not serious men. If you’re interested in a relationship with a foreign man then be aware that many foreign men are just in it for the novelty factor. Us men have the same problem with foreign ladies – many Japanese, Chinese or other ladies are curious about having a Western boyfriend, but rather fewer of these ladies would even consider having a Western husband.

So there are plenty of options for finding a mail order husband. Just don’t fall into the trap that many men make when they’re looking for mail order brides. The grass isn’t necessarily greener in a different country, and once you date enough people from a different culture you’ll find that men and women from every country aren’t actually that much different to those back home.

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