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EuroRussian is a Russian dating site popular with Western guys seeking Russian mail order brides. The site is actually called Russian Euro. However, the site’s latest name is Russian Cupid.

Why the name change? I guess the site’s operators (Cupid Media) are trying to get all their sites to have similar names. Filipina Heart has been renamed Filipino Cupid, and I guess they’re trying to secure the “Cupid” domain names for their other major brands. I guess this will avoid confusion such as Latin Euro not being a Cupid Media owned site, and there’s also the obvious similarity between Thai Love Links and Thai Love Lines.

Anyway, I hope that’s cleared things up. Russian and Eastern European women remain popular with Western men seeking foreign brides. Russian girls are often tall, blonde and beautiful. So it’s easy to see why so many men are drawn to these foreign dating sites.

What’s good about EuroRussian?

I like the fact that the Cupid sites have a reasonable membership fee. There are an awful lot of expensive Russian dating sites out there! Worst offenders are the pay per letter type of site. You can burn through an unbelievable amount of cash if you use these sorts of sites. I spent around $400 on Chnlove. Yes, this is a Chinese contacts site, but it uses the same sort of letter writing as so many expensive Russian sites use.

The sites also have some great features. The matchmaking feature is good at showing you women you might be interested in. The search engine is also top notch. There are also some great women on EuroRussian, although it can take time to find them.

Russian Scam Ladies

I’ve been using some of the Cupid dating sites myself for more than two years now. I find they’re a great place to meet foreign ladies.

However, foreign dating is a good way for men to lose a lot of money. I think this is a good place to remind you that finding a foreign bride is bloody expensive! I’ve had four trips to Asia so far, and I’m still not sure I’ve found The One.

You might get lucky on your first trip, but the odds really are stacked against you.

I found some interesting reviews of EuroRussian on this site.

Young Russian are very attractive, but make sure the girl you're chatting to is real!
Young Russian are very attractive, but make sure the girl you're chatting to is real!

What it all boils down to essentially is that these Cupid sites are pretty well scammer infested. This much I know for myself based on my year or two of using Chinese Love Links.

But myself and the other guys writing on the site I’ve linked to have found some good ways of cutting down the amount of contact you get from scammers:

  • First of all disable the chat facility so that women can’t see that you’re online. This cuts down on all those annoying chat reminders, and you won’t have to chat to timewaster women.
  • Secondly, ignore the vast bulk of the emails you get sent. Set up a filter on your EuroRussian inbox so that emails from women who are too old or too young for you get filtered out.
  • Thirdly, if you’re serious about a girl you’ve met, make damned sure you see the girl on webcam. This is the best way of cutting out those African men pretending to be Russian women. If a woman can’t appear on webcam, stop chatting to her and find another. Simple as that.
  • Lastly, bone up on Russian culture and the language. Get to know the cities and the time zone’s they’re in. Become a guru at the country whose women you see as being the homeland of your future wife! And chat to many, many women. I’ve chatted to around 100 Chinese women now. I’ve met ten ladies in person. I’m really starting to get an idea of what sincere Chinese ladies are like. So if you’re interested in Russian women then you need to do the same.

The best way of finding sincere ladies on EuroRussian and other sites is to hunt for them yourself! Look for members who have been on the site for a while. Look for members who log in regularly (so they’re serious), but who don’t log in every single day (maybe they make their living from the site!).

Ladies closer to your age range will tend to be more sincere as well. The younger ladies you chat to, the more risk there is with the relationship. Who am I kidding though – women play love games at any age. And if you don’t know the language or culture of the ladies you’re dating, it’s doubly difficult to spot the warning signs.

If you suspect a Russian lady is scamming you, then take the scammer test. This is intended for Thai brides, but it works equally well for Russians (well except for the bit about the ladyboys!).

EuroRussian Alternatives

If you’re interested in women from Eastern Europe and former Soviet countries then there are plenty of other dating sites. Ukraine Date is another Cupid site. I’m not sure why you would choose this site in preference to Russian Cupid though.

Elena’s Models has a pretty good reputation. The site owner works hard to remove the scam ladies. At least the site has a reasonable membership fee, so you won’t be soaked for writing letters to girls who might not even exist.

Have you had any good or bad experiences of Russian dating? Got any other tips to share? Which is the best site for finding hot Russian brides? Leave your comments below.

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