5 Top Ways To Find A Russian Mail Order Bride

Increasing numbers of Western men are finding that the girl of their dreams in Russia or Eastern Europe. If you’re looking for an Russian bride then here are some of the ways in which you can find your dream girl.

Russian Dating Sites

There are a wide range of Russian dating sites available where you can meet and chat to Russian women online. Most sites cover Russia as well as Eastern European countries like Ukraine and Belarus.

Could you handle a beautiful Russian wife this hot?
Could you handle a beautiful Russian wife this hot?

When choosing an Russian dating site make sure you know how much it costs to join. Most of them provide free membership and you only need to pay if you want to contact the ladies on the site. Be wary of sites that charge you every time you contact a woman – costs can very quickly mount up. These costs are meant to cover the translation costs of translating your email into Russian so the lady can read it. But these sites will still charge you even if the lady can read and write English!

Some Russian dating sites aren’t very good, so be wary of any that don’t provide a postal contact address, or it’s not clear which country they’re operating from. Reputable sites include Russian Euro and Ukraine Date.

Be aware that scammers operate on pretty much all dating sites, so even on a well run site such as Russian Euro it pays to be cautious. Never send anybody money – this is the golden rule of online dating.

Free Dating Sites

Everyone likes free stuff online. There are a lot of free dating sites available. The mainstream dating site Plenty Of Fish has shown that a free dating site is a viable business model.

Free Russian dating sites can be a haven for scammers and timewasters. Unfortunately free dating sites can struggle to afford the technical solutions or the human moderators to keep their sites scam free. The other problem is that free dating sites have so many members it’s really difficult to keep a lid on the scam profiles. Many of these free dating sites are very popular, so the scammers can sign up more quickly than the site operators can remove them.

Introduction Agencies

Introduction agencies are a good way to meet an Russian lady. Most agencies will screen the women who want to join the agency, so they will at the very least perform an identity check. More thorough agencies will also check a lady’s employment and also her past. Introduction agencies that introduce Russian ladies to Western men are common throughout Russian and Ukrainian cities. Many of the agencies have Western staff, and are often run by Western men who have married Russian women. Using an agency that also has an American office can also give further reassurance.

When choosing an Russian introduction agency be sure to check their costs before signing up. Many have an all inclusive fee and they give you a year or two to find a lady. Many of them have websites so you can make contact with possible partners and get to know them before you go and visit them in their Russian country – this is a big improvement on the mail order bride industry of the past, where often the men would only meet their ladies when they travelled to Russia.

Living In Russia

Internet based and long distance relationships are very difficult, so if you want an Russian wife then give some thought to moving to Eastern Europe for a year or two. You’ll be less susceptible to scams, and once you’re over there you’ll have your pick of the available women.

Word of Mouth

Many of the better introduction agencies like A Belarus Bride will largely use word of mouth to find new ladies to join their agency. Seek out men who have married good Russian ladies, and get them to introduce you to their single friends. Also make use of sites like Russian Euro and the Friend Finder sites that allow you to find language study partners and penpals in other countries. Russian women often look for English study partners online, and in return they may be able to help you find a reliable and trustworthy Russian bride.

Are you on a mission to find Russian bride? Got any experiences to share (good or bad)? Leave your comments below.

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