Mail Order Bride Website Selector Tool – Find The Right Site for YOU!

Confused about which mail order bride personals site to use? Maybe this questionnaire will help you out.

All results are anonymous, and this data is not saved anywhere.

All dating sites offer a free trial, so sign up to as many as you can and only pay for the one you like!

Foreign Dating Site Questionnaire

Your age
How much can you spend per month on a dating site membership? $100+   $30 $0
Do you only want to meet much younger girls? Yes   No
Would you prefer to find an English speaking girl? Yes   No
Do you only want to date smoking hot girls? Yes   No
What type of women do you prefer to date? Business ladies   Housewives
Which country's women do you like best?
Do you already know which country you want to find a girl from? Yes   No
Do you want a "mail order bride" who will live with you in your country after marriage? Yes   No
Are you worried about scammers? Yes   No
Are you interested in singles tours (romance tours)? Yes   No
Are you interested in joining an introduction agency? Yes   No
Are you interested in ladyboy dating? Yes   No

3 Responses to “Mail Order Bride Website Selector Tool – Find The Right Site for YOU!”

  1. I find online dating difficult because women have so many to chose from. my age is 67 that makes it more difficult. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Donald,

      If you’re retired then why not get a retirement visa for Thailand or the Philippines then go and live there for a year or more? Then you can take your time to get to know ladies, without the hassles of long distance relationships. I lived in Asia for most of 2013 and it was awesome!

  2. hi there im looking for someone who can accept and love me for who i am and someone who knows what unconditional love is, im a ladyboy 30 from philippines, im hoping u can help me tnx in advance.

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